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"OH GOD, THEY'RE LAPDANCING ME!" -Steel, 2015 - Aspiring author, artist with absolutely no skill yet a lot of wants, and just your typical, all-around lover of MLP fanfiction. That's me.


First comes awakening, then comes curiosity. Afterwards comes knowledge, then understanding. A simple path for all knowledge in the world, yet some is difficult to process.

Time, just like knowledge, has a path, and just like knowledge, Time depends on how you use it.

From seconds, to hours, to days and to years, it's all about how you spend it, and who you spend it with.

Believe me, I do wanna go home. The problem is... where's home? And what can I do here before I head back?

[A/N: Collab between KillerSteel and electreXcessive! We're each writing chapters in this story, and I'll be marking the chapters he and I wrote with our usernames. As such, if you see a pattern arrising from different writing styles, now you know why!

Also, I make references without knowing it sometimes. Maybe you'll come across a few?]

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Come on... make it to featured you bastard...

By the power of all that is holy, this will get featured. Or else.


I sure hope so! Spread the word, buddy!


C'mon, c'mon, make it!

*Steel presses his hands together.*

Make it, you bastard!

1628782 Got it covered, good sir. Hopefully my followers still listen...


Blog post may help too... though thank you very much for the favorites section.

1628852 If that is your request, it is the least I can do.


It would be very much obliged, good sir. I don't mean to impose.

may i suggest that they go to canterlot *coughcelestiacough*


I dunno, man. If you're dead and no one can see you, why would the Princess be any different?

just an idea, that is all

besides you need to have at least 1 pony to see them right?


Now that, I'm not too sure about. I've got a plot line figured out, and this is playing by my rules of life, death, and the afterlife... so we'll see.

I might have a couple more twists and turns before the Princess comes to Deus Ex Machina the day :V.

fair enough, i hope to see more

This reminds me too much of cupcakes :pinkiesick:
But gonna read on even if it kills me ( which probably will and maybe make my cupcake phobia worse, yeah I said it cupcake phobia. I'm get creeped out every time I see a cupcake coz of that damn fanfic :rainbowderp:.)


I aimed for horror when I wrote that segment, and it is supposed to remind you of Cupcakes.


Because it's the Cupcakes re-write I've been wanting to do for months now. I finally got around to it with this story, and it was one of the few things I thought would sink this story. Apparently, people adored it with the love of a thousand Fluttershys.


Well? Didn't focus on the gore as much, so whadya think? Tips and feedback are always appreciated!

I'm thinking a pony can see them if they touch Said pony


Maybe... maybe. We'll have to see, won't we?

1633476 I guess we will
Great story love to see more :pinkiehappy:

Now for something Random


This definitely needs to get featured.


Every like, fav, and view helps! Spread the word to your friends, maybe they'll enjoy a good HiE?

My like and fave is now present (and since I was bored and read the comments) Good luck on the feature!

Pony. Yep, he’d gone full psychopath (psychopath implies a mind with violent thoughts, a better word to use would be insane)

Suddenly, shot shot up about four feet, mane and tail puffing up like cotton candy, (shot shot...?)

Wait, floating ponies, physics already ruined, stop question it. (questioning)

Just trying to help :)

Hmm...should this really have a "teen" rating?

a feet that the pony now dragging him behind her conquered within the space of ten seconds; were a pegasus' wings really that strong?
(feet should be feat)

'D' simply blinked in response; was that smoke coming out of his hood. (This needs to be a question or more clear about the smoke coming out of the hood)

I managed to double my speed... I caught up with the Wonderbolts and Rarity in not time (should be no time)

So when's the next chapter?


My co-author electreXcessive is working on Chapter 4, and I've been pestering him about it. This was meant to be a collab after all.

I'll probably put up a new chapter of CROM or OSOC before he gets around to finishing the next chapter. Each of these is supposed to take place in a new location, so they're all gonna be real titans of chapters.

As for my own writing, it's on hold since college is stealing away my life; damnably small amounts of free time combined with monstrous assignments and a gauntlet of tests.

Thanks for your continued efforts in correcting my hard work, it's very much appreciated!


Considering I detailed a rather gruesome death, I figure it's earned its rating. Beyond that though? I don't think I'll be exploring that in later chapters. Mostly just bonding between Dash and 'D'.

Certainly can't rate it Everyone after 'that' scene.


No problem, I have a habit of editing stuff when I read. XD

I think this fic is gonna go far!

oh hey I just remembered about this fic, is it on hiatus or something?


Yeah. It's a collab with a friend of mine, and we're both kind of in a writing slump. I've been doing my own thing while he's done a lot of small writing pieces. We'll be doing some actual planning for this fic before continuing it.

Stay tuned, an update may be coming soon enough.

3508497 sir, you need to bug your colab partner to upload chapter 4. Even if it isnt done, its still worth reading.


We'd have to see, honestly. This is a rough project to do, and though I could cobble together a plot path easily with the characters involved, Elec's kinda fallen off on it.

Still, I'll ask 'em.

5179931 hey, if the other guy has completely dropped off and you still want to write this fic, let me know. I have excess time.

i will private message you my email if you wish to consider my offer

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