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"OH GOD, THEY'RE LAPDANCING ME!" -Steel, 2015 - Aspiring author, artist with absolutely no skill yet a lot of wants, and just your typical, all-around lover of MLP fanfiction. That's me.


When it comes to nightmares, we all have our fears. Some fear death, some fear poverty, some fear the loss of love, or never finding it at all. But for little Twilight, her fears are placed somewhere else.

But when that fear comes to bear, and on a very important day as well, who can help her cast that fear away? None other than the figure she's always looked up to - and most days, literally up at.

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This story was great. I very much enjoyed it.

3088247 3088639

Glad you both enjoyed the story, and it was a lot of fun writing this. More to come, trust me on that!

If some one dislike this story I give them no respect (I love the story):pinkiehappy:

You have received all of my feels.

Use them well my friend.:twilightsmile:

This is beautiful. Words cannont describe it. :heart:


I'm glad that you do, but people will dislike what they don't like. I just hope I touch the hearts of a lot of people, is all.


I shall donate them to cancer research in place of funds. The feels will inspire the doctors, scientists and researchers to find a cure faster, and the funds will flow like tears from the politicians.


I'm glad the story was feelsy for ya, and I hope it closed up nicely. Have to admit, I am quite proud of this story, and it's all thanks to my friend electreXcessive for ever inspiring me in the first place.

3090737 i see no dislike so far if u become a story with no dislike u become the god of writing and ill follow and respect u

WARNING: Emotional shield breach, emotional response eminent. :fluttercry: It was good I like it. Kids are so damn cute, and you hit the kid mindset so well.

You never let a bad mark get you down, and you’re always inspired by good ones. Everything you do, you do to the best of your abilities, and I know that at the entrance exam, you’ll do just the same. Your best will always be enough, Twilight... and it’s far beyond what I could do. Even here.”

Ye, because you're totaly not breaking down in the middle of the night crying rivers and yelling loud enough to wake your parents because of a failed test several years ago. Makes sense.

Other than that it was a very nice one-shot and I enjoyed every minute of it.

// Sphex

No words can describe the feels I have at this moment. Excellent job for you, dude. A+.


Hour forty minutes of writing, 4400 words, and only one plothole? God damn, that's gotta be a record! Thanks for pointing it out, I may or may not find the time to fix it. Glad you enjoyed the rest of the story, though!


I'm actually pretty impressed with how there's no downvotes, yet nearly 40 upvotes. Usually I attract a few people who dread my work.


Feel the emotions boil within you... let them flooooow.

Anyway, glad you enjoyed it. This story came from the heart, after all, despite me being twenty and with pretty high grades.


:twilightsmile: "Hey Steel, look! You got an A+! Now you're just a little bit closer to being as great as me."

Ugh, Twilight... I figure I'm still a better writer.

:twilightoops: "A better writer than me? Guess you wanna have a bit of a contest over that?"

A contest? Thought you'd never ask.

:twilightangry2: "Paper and pens at high noon tomorrow!"

You're on!

And in all seriousness, thanks a lot, man. Thank you all for your comments, it really helps a guy's confidence, especially mine.

Simply beautiful :heart: I won't denying tearing up a bit.

Great story mate :rainbowkiss:


Many thanks, mi amigo. Never figured a random prompt and two hours would produce something like this.

Gotta get back into writing seriously, though. Make more pieces like this and ART.

Orion? I thought it was Night Light.... well, people call him Night Light, Cresent Moon, and Orion. He has no official name, at least from what I know....:rainbowhuh: confused.... I'll just google what his name is...


In this story, his name is Orion. It varies from author to author.

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