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"OH GOD, THEY'RE LAPDANCING ME!" -Steel, 2015 - Aspiring author, artist with absolutely no skill yet a lot of wants, and just your typical, all-around lover of MLP fanfiction. That's me.


To delve into the mind of an author is to see his soul. To delve into how an author thinks, is to see what he feels.

Is his heart an inquellable sea of rage and horrific wrath, or a calm ocean, glassy surface reflecting the purity of his thoughts? Is he a crusader, a demon, or something in between?

What does he believe? What does he see in others? What does he see in himself?

Sometimes, all someone needs, in order to see into an author's heart, is to see the pieces of writing he creates simply because.

Because a story written without reason can sometimes reveal the greatest pieces of an author.

This story is mostly episodic, ranging from short stories to simple scenes to possible blockbusters.

Tags (on chapters):

Philosophical - Inquiry into the deeper meanings of life and abstract statements.
Scientific - Loads of studious insight and jargon.
Explanatory - Lots of worldbuilding on certain systems or places.
Experimentation (Writing) - Experimenting with a new writing style.
Experimentation (Ponies) - Ponies experimenting with different concepts. Usually of a sensual nature (not to be confused with sexual.)
Shipping - You're on this site and you don't know this term? Pony pairings, a romantic relationship is either established or referenced in the chapter.

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Equestria. Peaceful country of about seven million ponies, all contributing to the operations of the whole. It is also the place where a maniacal government is running a deadly factory in Cloudsdale, a rather strange holiday is hosted every year in Ponyville and beyond, and where numerous other happenings occur.

Regular events to the numerous ponies all caught in the play, but for the Princess of the Night, it is only one performance after another, written by scriptwright after scriptwright. Something she fights to stop, though the battle simply continues, stealing away her home and replacing it with a mockery.

With the arrival of a servant, however, one against the world becomes two, and a battle to restore Equestria to its former glory begins anew. Now, if only the spirit in the cloak wasn't so snarky...

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When it comes to nightmares, we all have our fears. Some fear death, some fear poverty, some fear the loss of love, or never finding it at all. But for little Twilight, her fears are placed somewhere else.

But when that fear comes to bear, and on a very important day as well, who can help her cast that fear away? None other than the figure she's always looked up to - and most days, literally up at.

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[Collab between KillerSteel and Art Inspired. Thanks for the ideas and contributions, bud! Here's to a continuing collab effort!]

After the Changeling Invasion in Canterlot, everypony just wanted to get back home and forget what happened. The bride and groom got married and they're both happy now, right? Nothing to worry about.

The Changelings were blown away, and Canterlot was saved. But when it comes to a certain Queen, faced with accepting that the invasion was her fault, she goes on a quest to receive enough love to feed her children.

Only question is, will the ponies of Equestria be forgiving enough to allow her this?

It's just a hug, right?

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"Why is there a leg in my mouth? Why is Lyra on the roof? What happened to my television? Why the buck is there a bison on my bed? Damnit, I have to get to work... I need a drink..."

A normal day in the life of Equestria's least noted heroes. Enjoy responsibly.

Collab between KillerSteel, Fallen Prime, and Mr. Ignorable, with help from many other authors.

Viewer Intelligence is advised. May contain abject amounts of feels, laughter, and assorted bouts of anger.

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First comes awakening, then comes curiosity. Afterwards comes knowledge, then understanding. A simple path for all knowledge in the world, yet some is difficult to process.

Time, just like knowledge, has a path, and just like knowledge, Time depends on how you use it.

From seconds, to hours, to days and to years, it's all about how you spend it, and who you spend it with.

Believe me, I do wanna go home. The problem is... where's home? And what can I do here before I head back?

[A/N: Collab between KillerSteel and electreXcessive! We're each writing chapters in this story, and I'll be marking the chapters he and I wrote with our usernames. As such, if you see a pattern arrising from different writing styles, now you know why!

Also, I make references without knowing it sometimes. Maybe you'll come across a few?]

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"An' they say that he comes 'round every Nightmare Night...preyin' on th' souls o' th' dead. He hunts an' he searches, 'till he finds his unlucky target, and yanks 'em outta a pony's body!"

"But sis, is that really true? There's no way somepony like that could be around!"

"Y'all better believe it, Applebloom. And y' never know...he may be comin' after you next."

[A/N: My second shot at Dark writing, but it's the first one I've submitted. Got another one in the works.

Cover was drawn by the quite skilled MysticalAlpha, and the link there goes to the cover itself. Enjoy this work and his other art!]

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Equestria. A peaceful country of candy cane rivers and cactus mountains, plaid fields and rainbow colored oranges.

Wait a minute...that's not right...hang on, lemme...

*Flips the pages of his script, brow furrowing as he goes over it.*

Well this isn't right at all! Candy colored equines swimming in an ocean of oil as if it were made of clouds, pegasi flying backwards before they slam into brick walls in the sky, Rainbow Dash doing a Sonic Rainboom and- oh this isn't right!

*The Narrator stomps off towards Canterlot's throne room, screaming profanities.*

[A/N: Dark tags are to cover my bases. I might act on it, I might not, but the first chapter has no 'dark' atmosphere to it. Just good-hearted laughs.

Good-hearted laughs, if you're the Emperor, that is!

This complete spout of brutish nonsense is pretty much a vent for all my psychotic rambling. I thought it'd be funny to write a story like this, that's all.

Credit to Zytharros of FIMFiction for inspiring this crap with his own psychotic writing!

Credit to Sh2otingStar of DeviantART for the cover art! I'll go message him about its use soon.

And once again, if you see any errors, point them out! I'm not perfect, so I'm expecting someone with a keen eye to tear this story apart.]

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A typical day in Equestria, Ponyville specifically. Well...it's a typical day for a certain pink mare; for everyone else, it's likely quite dangerous, but always insane.

It seems Pinkie's found something fun to do. Funny how it all started with Rainbow wanting to find something fun to do herself...

[Absolutely no connection to any of my stories. This may find a continuation, it might not. Dunno. I'll leave it as Incomplete just to cover my bases, however.

If you find errors, you know what to do. Point em out!]

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[On Hiatus so I can finish some of my other projects. Considering this is a very big story for me that's going to see a lot of sequels, it's a project I'm definitely coming back to.]

Sun, lots of sun. Celestia's blessing for all the little colts and fillies in Equestria, but not for one pegasus who finds the sun and nice weather has outstayed its welcome just a little too long. A nap taken in order to pass the boredom is interrupted by a strange visitor in black.

What once started as a day gone bad turns into a journey through Equestria's history, and a tale that many would consider fable turned reality; but perhaps it's been real all along?

[Credit to Rhanite of DeviantART for the badass cover art! Thanks man!

A/N: Welcome, one and all, to the first entry in my story arc! What's the name of this story arc?

Well, I'm sure I'll think of one. So far, I'm happy to say the title is this:


...The Mira Arc. Not bad.

Ahem, anyway, yes, this IS the first entry in my overarcing story, and it will be my first shot at building a living, breathing world with dynamic action and reaction.

Praise, ravage, criticise and stupify, I'm expecting and wanting it all. Enjoy!

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