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[Collab between KillerSteel and Art Inspired. Thanks for the ideas and contributions, bud! Here's to a continuing collab effort!]

After the Changeling Invasion in Canterlot, everypony just wanted to get back home and forget what happened. The bride and groom got married and they're both happy now, right? Nothing to worry about.

The Changelings were blown away, and Canterlot was saved. But when it comes to a certain Queen, faced with accepting that the invasion was her fault, she goes on a quest to receive enough love to feed her children.

Only question is, will the ponies of Equestria be forgiving enough to allow her this?

It's just a hug, right?

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Because hugging giant bugs= something you'd want to do.

Let's go hug a pony!


Let's go hug a changeling!


This will either end very well for the Changelings or they die out.


I have no idea what this is but I find it intriguing.



World's Most Huggable Being, 2013.


Let's go hug both a Changeling and a pony! Yes, let's be non-mainstream!


So would I. Despite the threat of dying to her feminine wiles.

2321725 I too would hug Chrysalis, though if my theory on the size of a pony compared to a human is correct, then I could pick her up and cuddle her against my chest like a dog, or have her lay on my lap like one.


Both excellent ideas. I see ponies as about waist high to people.


Join the club and start hugging! Spread the love!

All my hugs are belong to them.

Had to do it.


Hugs are for all, though. Share some love for your fellow man and pony!


*Hugs Thorax.*

Also, welcome back, buddy. Been quite a while since you dropped by!

I haven't been doing much lately, so I thought I'd stop by when I saw the story in my message box.


Should drop in in the Skype chat more, man. What's been going on?

Can't, I was banned from that after the incident with Twow (The one where Art and I took the joke story too far.) At the time I was still completely unaware of what had happened to Twow in the past and apologized immediately.

That's more reason to hug her, I reckon :moustache:


Well, maybe... maybe it brings a smalllll benefit of being able to turn into whoever you want.

And what can I say? For an exoskeletal Changeling, she's quite soft...


Just finished Chapter 5 of 120 Days of Blueblood... seeing this pop up in my notifications reminded me just how nice life outside of Bronystories'... stories was.

I'm gonna go imagine Chrysalis giving me a nice hug now... thanks for the cooommeeeent...

Oh God, I'm gonna be sick...

2366745 All that story did was fill me with the need to execute. If you know what I mean.

So...Chrysalis is gathering love the Luna way?

Attack of the adorables is certainly more effective than attack of the bloodthirsty.

I’ve lost the ability to even...

Is she unable to can?

You, Sir Steel, are a writing genius. First "Twilight's Nightmare", now this? I have to go to the bank to withdraw enough feels to give...:heart::heart::heart::heart::heart:

That good enough?


Don't worry about paying me in feels now... I'll collect later.

With interest.

And this was done as a collab with a very good friend of mine, and since he came up with the idea, he deserves a lot of the credit. I just helped him write it and posted it here at his advice.

2321631 Ron taught me that big bugs are less scary than small ones :scootangel:

Lol just lol, nicely done sir you made me laugh, I like it so far, must read MAOR!!! :pinkiegasp:

I haven't read the first chapter and I already like it.


Hopefully not, but it'll take some time for me to get motivation for writing again. It's on hiatus, and that's about all I can say on it. The plan's pretty clear, so continuing it shouldn't be too hard, at least.

So sweet! Moar hugs please!


Sorry, buddy. My work ethic's been through the ringer lately, and my co-author's kinda dropped off the map. Tons of stories to continue, no time to continue 'em.

Still, glad you enjoyed what was there, buddy! Just doing things one story at a time here, so Fumble's getting my attention.

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