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"OH GOD, THEY'RE LAPDANCING ME!" -Steel, 2015 - Aspiring author, artist with absolutely no skill yet a lot of wants, and just your typical, all-around lover of MLP fanfiction. That's me.


Equestria. Peaceful country of about seven million ponies, all contributing to the operations of the whole. It is also the place where a maniacal government is running a deadly factory in Cloudsdale, a rather strange holiday is hosted every year in Ponyville and beyond, and where numerous other happenings occur.

Regular events to the numerous ponies all caught in the play, but for the Princess of the Night, it is only one performance after another, written by scriptwright after scriptwright. Something she fights to stop, though the battle simply continues, stealing away her home and replacing it with a mockery.

With the arrival of a servant, however, one against the world becomes two, and a battle to restore Equestria to its former glory begins anew. Now, if only the spirit in the cloak wasn't so snarky...

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The amount of satisfaction the first chapter gave me was incredible. Please, please keep going. Favorited, liked, and now you're my best pal.


Friend of mine, Array, said the exact same thing. I've got a weird problem where I'll come up with an idea, and it's a reference to some ancient pop culture thing.

Case in point, Hot Shot from Spike's Writer's Block. I honestly had no idea he was also a Transformer. Autobot, to be specific.

But I hope you enjoyed what you read!

2362999 Oh, I am. I'm curious to see what Reaper has in store for Factory!Dash.


The chapter's still a work in progress, but I'll give you a hint.

I'm 14k words in. Reaper has only just met Rainbow Dash.

I know how Reaper could get Dash to believe in him. When Security comes back, Reaper could break one of his wings and toss him off the balcony.


This is true, but I've got other plans for the chapter. I'll have to see how things go, but the idea is to keep Dash alive.

Whenever I do one of these stories, I always provide a reason behind a certain character's actions. But the suggestion is appreciated.

Enjoying the chapter, I hope?


I try. Definite attempt at making Reaper a likable character, sassy and sarcastic.

As much as I want to give this story a read, as much as I've enjoyed your work, as much as this sounds like it could be lots of fun...


Rainbow Factory.

Two things I avoid in my reading like the plague. I have too active an imagination to stomach either. Sorry about that.


T'is fine. Gore does make a good stand-in during the Rainbow Factory section. If you ever get the stomach to read, then feel free to give it a shot.

I won't judge ya.

Thanks. I do enjoy your writing style. Just wanted to let you know I wasn't ignoring it.

Mighty fun, definitely worth my time!
Liked and faved, awaiting more! :twilightsmile:


Much obliged, partner! God, I've gotta continue this sometime...

And the new chapter is up. Time to see if anyone reads it :V.

wow a portrayal of death that actually enjoys his job lol.

FINALLY! You are tearing me apaht, Killyr Steel!
This site needs a Tommy Wiseau icon.
[Fifteen Minutes Later...]
And now, my thoughts on the chapter: It was almost all good, but there was one, minor flaw... I found it too short! BRING ME ANOTHER!


What a great story, Sigma! How's your sex life?

Also, yes sir.


After a while, you just have to roll with the punches and adapt to your career. For Reaper, it's telling crappy jokes and using his sarcasm to lighten the mood. Can't always be doom and gloom, after all!

3719275 My sex life? You imply I have one, sir!


So did Tommy.

:pinkiehappy: *Rimshot*

Thank you, m' dear.

:pinkiesmile: "Happy to help!"

3719287 Two can play at this game!

:trixieshiftleft: Where the hell did I come from?


:trixieshiftright: I don't think that's how it works.

I don't think that's how YOU work!

:unsuresweetie: Oh, great, your stupidity turned me into Sweetie Belle.



:pinkiesmile: "I was actually coming by to take Steel to work! He's got the graveyard shift tonight!"


3719297 I appear to be stuck
:derpyderp2: morphing int- Oh, tit twiddling blast burns, it happened again. You wouldn't happen to have some cursed bacon, would you?


Nope, sorry. *Gets dragged off by Pinkie.*

this deserves so much more credit than it's been getting. :fluttercry:


Your kind words are very much appreciated. Really, I'm happy for the attention it's actually getting right now. Once I get my life sorted out, I'll be able to really pump more time into it.

Hell, I've got half an hour of spare time right now... let's see what I can do. Hmm.

When will next update happen this is getting good


I've been working on the next chapter on and off for a long time now, just need help with motivation. Might put some work in on this today.

Haven't given up on this story yet, don't worry. Arc should be done in two to three more chapters including the one I'm working on.

No idea if anyone's still reading this, but finally, I got Chapter 6 up. Working on Chapter 7 now.


Much obliged! Almost time for the conclusion of the Rainbow Factory arc, after which, we come to another sordid tale...


I mean... ahhhhh, at this point, I'd have to say it probably is. Just haven't gotten much motivation to write anything these days, full-time job plus friends taking up time in my day.

Loads of plans to do for this, but I dunno if I'll ever get them down on paper. I'm proud of what I did do, though.

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