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Heh, lets see here, well... im social... sorta... most of the time. When im inspired, i write some pretty good stories.... but hay, im not gonna brag here, others do way better than me im sure.


"The Darkness. A blight upon the galaxy. Always will the threat it poses exist. But, it is our duty to stand up against this tidal force. Our duty to defend the innocent and purge every threat. We may not be able to stop it..... but we can give it pause. Each and every one of you, Hunters, Warlocks, Titans, Guardians all, have the strength to fight back now more than ever. The Traveler now heals thanks to the efforts of heroes like yourselves. Now we must begin to push the darkness back. Lights behind the veil still flicker with life. Untouched by the Traveler's Light they may be but they may still hold innocent lives that must be protected from the Darkness. The Traveler works through US now. Let us do our duty to protect what remains, and halt the tide of evil before the fate of our Golden Age Solar System befalls others. We have risen from the ashes. Now we must unleash the cleansing flame." The Speaker finishes his speech. Soon the cheers of Guardians all around the Tower echo throughout the air, heard as far as the Last City below.

(Shout out to The laid back hunter for allowing me to use a character that will be appearing in this story. Rock on my friend.)

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Damnit and I was Hoping for more :raritydespair:

This is the best week ever two good destiny stories in one week awesome keep up the good work. I just hope your guy isn't a pushover but he isn't a asshole to the ponies either.

There is more on the way don't you worry. Also, thanks for the words of encouragement :) Just you wait. He aint no pushover but he aint no jackass either. (Remember the Queen and her lackeys in the asteroid belt? I dont think any of our characters trusted her much.)

This great but I have some questions like what did the ghost mean by pre-golden age languages did they lose knowledge of past languages??? Another is the fight with the manticore the manticore seemed a little overpowered I mean it gets hit with a storm fist and than takes lighting shotgun rounds to the back pretty sure the storm fist should've ended the fight alone. That's pretty much it everything else was great.

Remember what they noticed about the manticores. "Their eyes, something was horribly wrong." past languages are known. Remember Rasputin? He's a Russian made Warmind CLEARLY. The fact that ghosts are able to translate any of Rasputin's data speaks volumes.

Horay another Destiny/MLP crossover. So far im digging where this goes :scootangel:

5562309 Thank you very much ^_^

I can't wait for the next chapter!

Why ze cliffhanger I lose internet 2morrow I wont get 2 finish this well fuck its the best ive read so far in the destiny series :raritydespair:but:twilightsmile:

5562530 Oh im gonna be churning these out rapidly, don't you worry.

Everything seems to be going well just wondering what could equestria offer the city besides resources

:twilightsmile:Aww goddammit I read to fast I read it now I cant fucking wait keep this good shit commin :twilightsmile:

Guys I have a crapload of Ideas for this story but I can only add so much before it all just becomes an unentertaining blur (which is the last thing I want). Need comments on what path I should take. Yes soul searching WILL happen in this story. NO I will not be overdoing it with gore. Yes, Tiberius has a crush on Holliday (not sure if I should make that more mainline to the story or not). Yes I want to involve as many factions of the Darkness as possible. Yes, I do want to involve the other species of Equis (Griffon, Minotaur, Zebra, Dragon, ETC).

Like and Comment guys :pinkiehappy:

Stay Classy :raritywink:

Yet another great chapter if you want to keep this as entertaining as possible you might want to focused on building equestria's military power for the war that is to come and work on building alliances with the other races. I would start with the changelings since they in my option would be the most helpful with their shapeshifter they would make great spies and if you don't add them they would must likely join the hive.

5565148 First of well done. The story is certainly not a jumbling mess thought I would look over pacing once more as this one is feel`s a bit rushed compared to previous chapters.

For story arc ideas well... There are a few ways you could go.

1. Have each species align with a specific darkness faction: Changling-hive, griffins-cabal and or fallen- minotaur`s( I cant remember his name it was that one Fluttershy episode with the life coach) Don't know who would join the vex thought. If only daleks were to invade they would be the best of cooperation partners.

2. like The laid back hunter suggested " have the guardians start pumping that pony war machine!

3. Only equestria is invaded with other nations put out on the side for support or surprise McGuffin when the heroes have been captured/corrupted by the dark. Then have the darkness repelled with Tiberius leaving to return home. Then add the whole ponies joining the tower and you have the end of this story and the proper start for a sequel.

4. Make up your own idea and pray that people like it.( Honestly this is fan fiction you cant hold this to a novel. Just make sure its well paced and has thing being accomplished and little to no filler and well keep giving up votes.)

oh and here's that up vote I motioned.

5565440 OH MY GOD YOU DON'T KNOW OF DESTINY!? :pinkiegasp:

5565468 Thank you VERY much for the feedback my friend. You have given me much food for thought :) I can definitely incorporate such ideas somehow. I'm not thinking of much filler stuff. Every chapter will advance the story a bit. Again thanks. I have much to consider and alot to do if I'm gonna make this the story I hope to build it into. Wish me luck. Traveler's Light be with you.

5565294 You make many valid points my friend :) again you contribute to the story. If there is one thing I can say, it's that this community still has strength and a spirit of cooperation and friendship. Thanks again for the help and tips. I'll keep considering and try to mold these ideas you and everypony else have been presenting into something fun and entertaining. I promise I will do my utmost not to disappoint you guys. You're awesome ^_^

One thing i wondered was the Difference between Equestrian magic and Guardian abilities (magic?). Also like "Thewritingonthewall" mentioned i would love to see the darknesses minions and Equestria's own enemies form a sort of "mutual agrrement". This culd allow for Darkness inspired MLP villans which could be very intreaguing.

In these types of stories on thing i fear is it favoring the ponies too much, or favoring the forgiver too much. I think due to the similarities between Destiny and MLP a nice happy medium may me advisable :)

I like how humans are benevolent in this story. In Destiny it's emphasised that humans are "lightworkers" but here they seem more self-sacrificing by willing to help another species. However, having the story only take place on Equestria I think would be a disservace to the ponies. It would make them seem like they couldn't survive without the supposed "Big Strong Human" around. Like i said both sides need to contribute. So perhaps what the "Darkness" aims to do on Equestria could translate to a plan for Earth? Or vice verca?

Anyways loving the story and i hope you continue!

5568554 These ideas are also intriguing and are actually along the lines of many things I plan to do :) Remember mention of the other planet in this particular system? You can count on that one being VERY important in the story later on. Ponies WILL leave Equis at some point in the story. Weather in small numbers or large, and weather for long periods of time or short, i have yet to decide. The story is working towards it though.

5571810 :yay:Oh!
Im glad to hear it! Your doing an awosome job too.:raritywink:

Well that's one way to make an entrance

Not much happen in this chapter but that's ok it only added suspense for the next chapter which I can't wait for.

Yes! Evil is here and it's already pissed off by the fact that a guardian is here!

Fuck have to be such a BIG. fucking. cliffhanger.....sorry for the outburst it's just I HATE cliffhangers.

It's a really good story. I've played Destiny but this is the first Destiny story I've read.:derpyderp1:

Hey gunner why ze cliffhangers :raritycry::raritydespair:

I find it weird that the fallen would even want to attack equestria from what I've noticed the fallen are just scavengers they don't work with the darkness they don't hate humanity or the traveler if anything I think they want the traveler to give them a golden age or to restore their civilization. Personally I think this a chance for the fallen to make alliances with equestria and humanity.

I would SNAP that stupid guards head in his sleep. If I where there and he called me a IT I would fucking terrorize him by yelling at him and by time in done with that dickweed he would regret ever opening his mouth!! That was my evil side of me talking and the Ponys better know this that....Never EVER GET ME ANGRY SHITFUCKS. Ok on with the story....wait...oh yeah more cliffhangers *long sigh* well better wait then.:derpytongue2:

5588913 Perhaps thats where it could be headed, that or Equestria has hidden technology somewhere in the background. You can only guess right? Knowing Equestria, they're such a frenzied mixture of earth's many ages that they have everything from stone age tech to futuretech. Okay maybe I'm exaggerating but it's pretty damn close :rainbowlaugh:

This was okay for a start up chapter not much happen in this chapter but that's okay. I can't help but think that some idiot is going to try and kill the Guardian because he/she thinks they brought the hive there that killed their husband/wife/child.

5827112 What ever makes you think that? XD

-obsidian bomber runs into the battle-

5935814 *snickers* the hell was that? :rainbowlaugh:

Bad juju and the obsidian mind, my warlock wrecks anus

5939964 OH GOD I CAN'T BREEEAATHE XD XD XD :rainbowlaugh:

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