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Starfall Art

Star Flare (Princess Elysia)

Star Flare (Princess Elysia) Wet Mane

By the amazing Akili-Amethyst


Forever and a day · 8:14pm Aug 25th, 2016

Hi there, it's been awhile! And by awhile, I mean it's been about year... give or take a couple months.

So yeah, it's been a long time. I've moved on to other fandoms, doing bits of work for all sorts of stuff (Aliens, Marvel, numerous games, plus working on getting my own work published), but I came across one of my MLP writing pieces while working on a different project and decided I should visit after my long hiatus. And so, here I am.

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1596735 Heehee~ I should really get a recording of her moment in the spot light. Its adorable, she has a lisp. :heart:


Wow, really? Sad thing is... I just finished season 4 recently, I can't believe I didn't recognize her. :facehoof:

At least it gives me an excuse to go back and watch. lol

1596630 Everybody always thinks she's my OC.

It's a background pony from season 4, "Rarity takes Manehatten". Her fanon name is Grace Manewitz and she has two voiced appearances for about 2 minutes. :heart:

I like the userpic you have now too. :heart:


Oops... I just changed it. :twilightblush:

I like yours too but I don't recognize her. Is she an OC?

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The Starfall Timeline

Starfall: Dominion of the Night, Parts I & II

• Prologue - coming soon
• Chapter One - coming soon

Chapter One: Fool's Gambit
Chapter Two: Veiled Lineage
Chapter Three: Revelations
Chapter Four: Dark Tidings
Chapter Five: Wayward Harbinger
Chapter Six: Afflicted
Chapter Seven: Broken Promise
Chapter Eight: Herald of the Ages
Chapter Nine: Memories
Chapter Ten: Precipice

• Princess Celestia
• Princess Luna / Nightmare Moon
• Star Swirl the Bearded

Along with these Original Characters:

• Berry Bliss (Sex: female, Race: pegasus, Description: purple coat with pink striped mane and tail)
• Calligraphy (Sex: female, Race: unicorn, Description: white coat with pitch black mane and tail)
• Crimson (Sex: male, Race: dragon, Description: various red scales with black scaled belly)
• Dandy (Sex: female, Race: earth pony, Description: light brown coat with light blue mane and tail)
• Fidget (Sex: male, Race: unicorn, Description: brown-spotted coat with brown mane and tail)
• Gwyneth (Sex: female, Race: griffon, Description: white feathers and golden coat)
• Scarlet Blossom (Sex: female, Race: unicorn, Description: pink coat with red mane and tail)
• Scorch (Sex: male, Race: dragon, Description: various red scales with red and black scaled belly)
• Star Flare (Sex: female, Race: winged-unicorn, Description: white coat with glimmering blue mane and tail)
• Skystrider (Sex: male, Race: pegasus, Description: white coat with rainbow mane and tail)
• Stormstrike (Sex: male, Race: pegasus, Description: black coat with light-blue mane and tail)
• Zaira (Sex: female, Race: zebra, Description: white and black striped coat with black mane and tail)