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Silver Spoon spins the bottle and becomes rather distraught when it lands on Button Mash instead of — well — anypony else...

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Part of me wants Diamond Tiara to "get stuck" with this colt:


The other part feels bad for the poor colt.

HA! this is WONDERFUL. I can't wait to see where this goes. Already more interesting than most Button Belle ships. Those tend to be way too sugary and predictable. :twilightblush:
ButtonSpoon ftw!

Honestly I don't even think that particular Rumble and DT would get along well. He's probably go off into one of his little over-imaginative daydreams about being in some cave with a wicked beast and totally drive DT crazy. Could make for an adorable ship though. Gives him treats for affection. Rofl. Till she maybe finally forces him to prench kiss her and breaking him from his daydreaming shenanigans! :rainbowkiss:

Who knows. And Scoots, can't wait to see who SHE ends up with. :rainbowlaugh:

Soon as Mash told her off I was like. OOOOOOOOOOHHHHH BURN!

Great story so far


You realise that's a filly, right?


Not according to the wiki. His (or her) body type is similar to the unnamed burger colt from the same episode, albeit with a different mane style. Fillies also tend to be drawn with eyelashes while the colts are not, although it would be difficult to tell with his (or her) spectacles blocking them anyway.


Hmm... Maybe they're transgender?

I honestly thought this was going to end in a Button Mash / Diamond Tiara make out session. I am SOOOOO glad it didn't. Button Mash just getting in the closet and being Button Mash made for a much better ending. That was hilarious; that was perfect; well done.

And then Silver farted.

Button Mash cast a quizzical grin upon her and said, "I'll treat you like a lady when you learn to act like one."


[x] REKT

Rekt status:
[X] Kingdom of Amalur: Rektoning
[X] The Rektoning
[X] Rekt it Ralph
[X] I'm gonna rek it
[X] Dr. Rekt
[X] Git Rekt
[X] Git Rekt Scrub
[X] Came in like a rekting ball
[X] Shrekd
[X] Hunter: The Rektoning
[X] Rektit Knight Adventures
[X] Rektident Evil: The Direktor's cut
[ ] Not rekt
Fixed it.

Good list, but you forgot Hunter: the rektoning, rektit knight adventures, and rektident evil: the director's cut.

4960134 Don't you mean Rekident Evil: The Direktors Cut?
So many rekt puns :facehoof:

4960152 Screw my story. This comment section is now about rekt puns. :pinkiecrazy:

That cover art is fucking adorable, ohmygosh. :rainbowkiss::heart:

4960504 Any female creature wearing glasses is going to be adorable. Bonus if combined with a ponytail.


I heard somewhere that she looks a lot like an IRL infamous feminist. Fuck if I know who, though.

I like what I see so far. I'll keep an eye on it and see how it progresses. Good job! :twilightsmile:

i request another chapter asap

First nuzzle! :rainbowkiss: So cute! I just love how innocent it sounds, and just how well it fits in with the Pony World. More! More! :pinkiehappy:

I don't think I could provide any criticism for this. Just keep doing what you're doing! :twilightsmile:

Whoever down voted this is a bastard faggot bitch thing..... :rainbowwild:

Nope. F that. :derpytongue2: No one should be called that but seriously, dont downvote something because nothing has happened yet. :twilightangry2:

4961311 makes me want to downvote now,

Considering how much shit she puts them through, I'm surprised the CMC attended her party at all.

But seriously, Diamond Tiara... don't you know its a bad idea to backstab a close friend like that? Close friends are the ones that were there to see all the awful, embarrassing moments you really wouldn't want to hear spoken in the middle of a party... on your birthday... in front of the colt you like...

I hope you get humiliated you horrible mutated Chihuahua in pony disguise

Button is such a troll :rainbowlaugh: , hope this will end well for both him and Silver spoon.

Ironically, SP is angry at Buttom for behaving exactly like her beloved Rumble: "I don´t give a shit about all of you".

"Too bad," Tiara replied. "Get in the closet."

oh my god yes

Oh. My. Gawsh. This is so funny!:rainbowlaugh::rainbowlaugh:

Comment posted by CaveRave deleted Sep 6th, 2014

Can't wait to see Button Mash come out of the closet...

Great story, btw.

You should know better than trust Diamond Tiara. In her defense, she just said it's "rigged". She never mentioned HOW :trollestia:

Great humor, I really like this. At first I thought it was a oneshot but was thrilled to see the incomplete tag. Can't wait to see where this goes!

4962246 It was only a matter of time before someone would make a "coming out of the closet" joke. Thanks, by the way. A friend of mine owes me lunch since we made a bet that somebody would do that before the 24 hour mark of this story's publication. :pinkiehappy:

Taco Bell here I come

This is gonna be good. :rainbowdetermined2:

4962376 Wait, so I'm the first? Yay!! :yay:

Always glad to do a good deed, but don't you mean "Taco Belle"?

Sorry, couldn't resist. :rainbowlaugh:

Dayum Button Mash, you got some good zings!

Button Mash cast a quizzical grin upon her and said, "I'll treat you like a lady when you learn to act like one."


You need an editor. There's a lot of capitalization you need that's missing.

4961364 Down side to Silver knowing lots about her, is DT knowing just as much or more on Silvy.

I laughed at Silver calling Diamond a butt! lol
(especially since ponies don't actually have butts, but it was just the cutest thing reading Silver call her that xD)

I really want some Silver Spoon and Rumble now....
But still, great show!

or the jealous eyes of all the other fillies in her class boring into her.

I see Diamond Tiara's taught her well.

Okay. I know Diamond Tiara is a bully, but her being mean to SILVER SPOON like that?! She's the only other living thing besides her father that she considers worthy of being called a person!

Diamond Tiara wanted Rumble to herself. She had been tricked.


Okay, I call OOC, yes, Diamond is indeed a butt, but Silver Spoon is the butt's best friend.

Diego on the Hell

What game is he playing?

"I'm interested in testing out the night vision function on my Joyboy.

No one thought to take that from him as they pushed him in the closet?

"What's wrong, Sil?" Hooted Apple Bloom. "He already making you feel all weak in the knees?"

Applebloom, don't go to their level.
"Yo, Mash!" yelled Scootaloo over the laughter. "I just took two points off your dorkometer for that one. Freakin' zing, man!"

Geeze. So Button Mash is even lower on the totem pole than the CMC? You think they'd know not to smack the less popular foals.


Well, clever writing all around.

I'm surprised Mash knows what a lady is.

That being said, Silver Spoon I think is going to crack before the seven minutes are up. Otherwise it would be a boring story .. . or the batteries on Button Mash's toy run out . . . and he has a mental break down at having to face reality.

But how can I be more theckthy? :twistnerd:

"Uh huh," Button Mash answered disinterestedly. "That's whatever you're talking about for ya."

Zapp Brannagain reference! Cham-pag-en?

4963537 Not to mention the lights would fade, and the two might accidentally kiss. :unsuresweetie:

4963782 Oh, and in return I will make you a Printheth! That ith a good deal. :twistnerd:

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