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Fluttershy is torn from everything she has ever known and loved to become King Sombra's reluctant bride.

Cover art by the one and only Evehly. May death come swiftly to her enemies!

Chapters (32)

Silver Spoon spins the bottle and becomes rather distraught when it lands on Button Mash instead of — well — anypony else...

Chapters (8)

What if Soarin had not been as forgiving as he was when he found out his team had lied to him and tried to replace him for the Equestria games? What would his life be like if he were to up and quit the Wonderbolts, and where could this life-altering choice lead him?

Disclaimer: Story contains subject matter that may hit pretty close to home with some readers, such as pathological depression, borderline personality disorder, and alcoholism.

Chapters (15)

The Angry Video Game Nerd is abducted from the human world to review the shittiest games ever conceived by mankind. Will the combined efforts of Luna, Celestia, and the mane six succeed in teaching The Nerd a valuable lesson in love and tolerance, or will it be The Nerd who teaches them a lesson in rage and frustration?

:Warning: This story is a shit load of fuck.

Cover art drawn by Droll3

Chapters (5)
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