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Statement of Purpose:
Welcome to The Diamond Cutters, the official group dedicated to bringing Love and Tolerance to one of the most overlooked and unappreciated characters in My Little Pony: Diamond Tiara. To quote our founder, TheMasterofDespair:

A lot of Bronies seem to think you should only love and tolerate the ones that deserve it. If you already love someone, then you obviously tolerate them. Tolerance is the main word in this phrase. Even if you strongly dislike them or flat out hate them, you should still show a little compassion. Who knows? Over time you may fall in love with them. This group will stand up for Diamond Tiara, even if we stand alone.

His entire mission statement can be found here.

Group Policies
Three basic rules:
1. This group is about Diamond Tiara, so keep it Diamond Tiara relevant.
2. Be most excellent to each other.
3. No direct linking to pirating sites or posts which directly or indirectly promote piracy.
(Youtube, Dailymotion, and similar sites are no problem. Please keep such things to PM or other parts of the site.)

A more complete post on policies can be found here.

Right now, we go by genre folders. The current folders and what they are for:
Family Matters: Got a story about Diamond's family, including the butler? Add it here. Note: stories which exist to vilify a family member do not belong in this group.
Chapter Star: Anthologies which have some DT-focused chapters or stories in which DT plays a smaller, yet important, role.
Diamond Days: The ordinary days in the life of an extraordinary pony. Slice of Life, in other words.

Tickled Pink: The comedies and random stories.

Going Places: Adventure tales.

Mature: Things that are not appropriate for a little filly (Mature-rated fics).

Mushy Stuff: Romance. Everyone to Teen rated stories go here.

Tiarable Times: Sad and Tragedy. (Why you be mean to Diamond?)

Black Diamonds: Dark and horror.

Stories go in folders as follows:
1. If the story has an insignificant amount of Diamond Tiara or a very negative portrayal of her, where her only redeeming quality is when she's not in a scene, then it does not belong in this group.
2. If Mature, it goes in Mature.
3. If the story is not about Diamond Tiara but it does have a chapter or more about her, it goes in Chapter Star.
4. For any story without a home yet, pick all the appropriate categories from amongst the rest: Family Matters, Black Diamonds, Diamond Days, Going Places, Mushy Stuff, Tickled Pink, and Tiarable Times.
5. If you'd like group members to make suggestions on how to improve your story, add it to Diamond's Editing Service.

More details on folders can be found: here.

Now, go read, write, and/or marvel about the majesty that is Diamond Tiara.

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I was at first, against the idea of having DT reformed, but now...I have other ideas:ajsmug:.

Woo! I am the 1,000th member!

411759 Those snippets are not from any particular story. Just stuff that was written specifically for each folder by MagerBlutooth.

I have a question about the folder "Tiarable-times" the piece of story you can see : where is it from ? I think this story have a place in one or more of my bookshelves.

408885 No doubt at least a few are :raritywink: And worth noting that Diamond is a lot of fun pre-reformation as well. Certain characters, like Dash, Trixie, and DT are a blast because they make things happen, be it due to their actions or how others react to said actions. Means you can pair them off with most any pony and interesting things happen. And yeah, that she is the cutest filly in Ponyville (it's canon!) and some artists have captured that doesn't hurt either, hehe.

Also, welcome aboard!

Might as well join a group on this site, and that intro pic alone is cuteness incarnate. Diamond is one of the more interesting characters since her reformation, especially given the story I am reading called "A Mother's 'Love'" (I'm sure many in this group have been reading that too :P ).

I am so happy I'm not the only one who likes pre-CotLM Diamond Tiara! :pinkiehappy:

Hi. Does anyone know the source for the images on the page? they are really cute.

403646 Hehe. But worth noting, unlike hipsters, we welcome all the new people joining in our appreciation of a certain pink filly.

We liked Diamond Tiara before it was cool.

Sorry, but the current situation demanded a hipster moment.

Crusaders send me.

Huh, I thought I was already in this group. :rainbowhuh:

>Episode 18 happens
And so Diamond Tiara became the next Sunset Shimmer.

I'm here because of "Crusaders of The Lost Mark"

All banner links are updated and lead to their respective folders! Enjoy!

401261 I would consider those, if I wasn't currently working through my Read It Later list while writing a fic explaining that ponies aren't native to the planet we see them on.

401248 Welcome aboard! Yeah, I too was floored to find such a place that was actually attempted to cultivate stories beyond the single-minded fanon tropes from people who mostly just don't like to like characters with so much adorable potential for spicing up their stories.

Do give Nightmare Tiara a try, it's possibly the best 'evil filly' story on the site. If you're into future Diamond Tiara possibilities, I know of a few. One in particular stands out, though only if you don't mind violence or chapters labeled with sexual content (which are labeled as skippable and do not affect the story) then do give "Diamond Tiara of the Royal Guard" a try! You can find it on page 2 of Mature folder.

(It's funny how I recommend one E rated story followed by one M rated story. Go figure, right? Though rest assured it's more mature in teh sense of a grown up story then a clopfic. It's a steep climb for Tiara. A most enjoyable read.)

Hi everybody! New member here, ready to say things!

A few short days ago, I thought I would hate Diamond Tiara forever. Then, I saw a picture of her looking cool in a suit. I was struck with the idea of DT becoming a spy, and ended up on a bit of a DT kick. See, I thought she had nothing but haters. I have never been happier to be wrong.

I've seen some really awesome stuff in the past twenty-four hours, all of it making me love and tolerate the pony I once called 'worst pony'. It might be a long time before I write the story I have in mind, but no sense in waiting until the last minute to meet some fellow Diamond Tiara fans.

Also, I have no idea how groups work. So that's a thing about me, I guess.

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