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    Most people look up into the night sky, without a care in the world, thinking "Today's night is pretty beautiful", never to realize the number of deaths and tragedies that occur in space... What would it matter to them if one more tragedy occured?
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Quick question · 2:13pm Jan 5th, 2019

I actually play on TG station a lot, but use the Paradise lore and map, since I like Paradise lore more, but how would you guys like it if I used TG tech (which is a lot more advanced). If you have no idea what I'm talking about then you can ignore this and just go on your way, it isn't very important.
Edit: this would enable Nanites and maybe the Supermatter Engine.

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I think its a perfectly good classification for a story like yours. Keep up the good work!

Glad to see you feel that Displaced into Nothing is a "master piece". Hope to have Chapter 8 out soon!

Loved the fic dude.

Thanks for the praise!
No idea how I accomplished it, but thanks!

Nice to see you are still alive and kicking dude

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