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Not My Little Diamond Cancelled · 2:18am May 11th, 2015

It's been quite awhile since I last posted a blog on this site. Ever since my hiatus, I've felt there's been less of a reason for it, but now that I've reached this point, I find it's only fair that I make this final announcement. Not My Little Diamond is one of the single largest projects I've ever worked on, a story that I spent hundreds of hours over the course of nearly two years, going so far as to rewrite the entire first half of it from scratch when I wasn't happy with it. It was also a

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Why thank you. It's been awhile since I reviewed a story on this site. Mostly I use FimFiction to for its PM services. These days I mostly critique art over on deviantArt.

Still, I'm glad you liked my reviews. I tried to make them constructive and valuable for the author.

I follow you because I like the reviews I've seen you leave.

According to your profile, you don't have any stories posted yet.

hey I started a new story, mind checking it out?

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