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MLP: FIM Season 6 Episode Rankings · 1:50am Nov 2nd, 2016

Well, even though I ranked every single episode in order from all 6 seasons, which you then should be able to understand my ranking of season 6's episodes, I still got requests to do season 6 on its own. Well, mainly from just one person, since sadly no one seems to care about my rankings or thoughts, but I'll go ahead and do it anyway. Here are my rankings of all the episodes from season 6 (in my opinion the best season of MLP thus far) from My Little Pony: Friendship Is Magic:

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Comment posted by darkfire95 deleted July 29th

Hey there Tailslover! I was wondering if you had a means to get in contact with Absolute Anonymous? You two seemed to be pretty good friends back in the day and I thought you might have exchanged skype names or phone numbers or something!

HEY! what's going on, man?!? what's up with your stories? are they cancelled or something?

tis a shame he stopped, i enjoyed his writing.

Is he dead? No he can't be dead. He logged on.

What is he up to?

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