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Josh Schwartz is a normal human with a normal life. He has his computer, his TV, his pet cat, his love of sports, the works. Naturally, he doesn't approve or enjoy girly things that are obviously made for girls. However, when a mysterious and unexplainable series of events takes place, he finds himself in Equestria, a world with no humans and only ponies...well, mostly ponies. How will this sarcastic human boy adapt to this new world? And how will its residents take to their new visitor?

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♫♥I look forward to reading what happens next in your story♥♪

Interesting story, but this one sentence bugged me a lot (I blame my interest in astrophysics):

"third planet in the milky way galaxy"

Third planet in our solar system, you mean? The Milky Way Galaxy contains 200–400 billion solar systems, each possibly containing a number of planets. Of course, this could just be ignorance on the part of the character, but you'd think Twilight would notice it.

Sorry again for being so focused on this, but it really stood out to me.

Other than that, story seems to be pretty good so far, though you do realize that there are a lot of fics with a very similar premise?

20577 That's a fair question, and I would blame either ignorance or non-caring on the part of the character. That...and I probably MEANT to say our solar system, but I forgot.

And...yeah, I know there's a lot of stories where a human comes to Equestria...but, from what I've gathered, it always involves the human being there for a reason or being a hero or turning into a pony or something. This basically is just accidental and basically makes a MLP hater see the other side of the rainbow, so to speak. That and...I had already had this written for quite awhile; just didn't know about this place, so I never submitted it, heh.

First Human in Equestria story I've read and I like it so far. Keep it comin'!

Josh is a smart ass thats the best kind of human character ever

I'm really liking where this story is going. xD

Wow man... this story is really nice! I look forward to reading what happens next.. Josh seemed different from the other human in equestria Ive read before :pinkiehappy:

It's about time there was a human in Equestria story that didn't involve a brony. This is some awesome stuff. Keep it up.:pinkiehappy:

Wow, everyone is acting like a total arse to eachother.

John is a smartass and the ponies were being insensetive when his pride was injured.

Like to see where this goes :rainbowderp:


The main character is a F@#$ING $@#HOLE! :twilightangry2:

...I'll just keep reading. :raritywink:

This is pretty good!:derpytongue2: keep it up!

Wow, and after Spike Told twilight why he was so bitter at the momeny, they still didn't apologize.

And Josh, he really stepped in it with celestia, I'm amazed Twilight didn't spear him with her horn.

Keep up the good work! :pinkiehappy::pinkiehappy:

brilliant story Josh a very complex character, you don't know whether to like him or feel sorry for him, it's well written and I'll DEFINITELY read more :ajsmug:


hmm, i like it so far, so fr your effort have this :yay: use it well

All I can say is I'm looking forward to the part where Josh does something to accidentally (or purposefully) hurt someone and causes Fluttershy to start yelling at him. If that happens, I will love you. Or at least give him the stare.

brilliant chapter still not sure what to think about Josh:derpyderp2:

I’m sorry…I can rage for you…um, if you want,

I can't believe someone used that in dialoughe!

Well done! :rainbowlaugh:

"I could rage for you, if you want"

I'm curious, did you get that from the fluterheart fic?:yay: but other then that nice fic!

28027 To be honest, yeah, I did. That story is ALWAYS flashing on the top of the page (at least for me), and I honestly always found that picture adorable (despite my honest dislike of Fluttershy). So...yeah, I wanted to use that saying~

"I think I need to find a cliff and go jump off it,"

Sorry, but your cliff is at another planet.

"And, Spike is, like, the ONLY male"

*meanwhile behind scenes*

Uh, Josh is a dick.

You dislike Fluttershy =( Thats quite unfortunate, anyhoof good story, look forward to more

30793 I'm sorry, but I'm just being honest. The shy/meek girl just never did it for me. I like the funny, intelligent, crazy, weird, hyper, angry, or stupid girls; they're just funnier and more interesting to me. I still "like" Fluttershy as a pony and character from our favorite show, but...well, I just don't "LIKE" her. You get what I mean.

Dude. You are the man.
I like that fic, keep it up. \m/

great stoy but what bothers me is how much of a douche Josh is.....:flutterrage:

wow josh is such an ass its making it hard for me to love and tolerate that he's picking on Twilight

cliffhanger detected! prepare the orbital moar cannon!

Twilight is going to Love and Tolerate the shit out of Josh.:twilightangry2::twilightangry2::twilightangry2:

I gotta say, Josh is one lovable asshole. To make a character both lovable AND an asshole is quite a feat.


She is going to something the shit out of josh, but I don't think it will be love and toleration. :trollestia:

I really want to see 1 of the 3 things happen to Josh:

1. The flower he smelt causes his personality to change and his heart to open, Poison joke I think was the flower he smelt

2. He bonds with Zecora and she opens his eyes to the pony world,

3. Josh has an emotional breakdown where all of the feelings and sadness pour out of him as tears, acting as the turning point in his douchery

It's really hard to explain, I hope you guys can see what I'm trying to say.

I hate the way he's acting, but man, this is what makes it an interesting story.

RD is not lesbian.



Does this mean we're getting closer to seeing how the Poison Joke decided to manifest on Josh? :pinkiehappy:

Cant believe I forgot about the poison joke he walked past.:facehoof:

Great fic. Can't wait to see what happens. Josh is such a douche but u can see his reasoning behind this. And I'd like to see Fluttershy actually rage at Josh :flutterrage:

I'm liking this story very much, usually humans in Equestria already watch the show, or get along with all the ponies. It's nice to hear a story from the perspective of a "dick" XD. Keep up the great work! :D

I smell the workings of a human-turned-pony plot.

Josh reminds me of Dan from Dan Vs... And thats why I love him. :pinkiehappy:

Zecora scores one.
Ponies score zero.

Sorry, but the only one that could be wiser than Zecora is either Celestia or Luna. Or both. Since they live like 1000 years...

On unrelated note, I like how this gets update just moments/day after Island.


Lol it's a good hieq fic kinda usual in the beginning. Meaning that's how most fic's start but I can't blame it makes for a funny first chapter

What"s with you and cliffhangers ?
Really enjoying the read, just found this story and read it in a stride, now i'll have to wait for more, dang it.
I just love the football related vocabulary by the way.

46905 Why are you two on every human in equestria story on here including mine? xD

On a more focused note, loved the chapter and very nice characterisation of Zecora. It's like you know her!


Because we love human and pony interaction and the many ways the story type is written. Very few human in equestria stories are bad. :ajsmug:

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