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I've always wanted to visit Equestria (what brony hasn't), but I soon discover that things very rarely happen the way you intend for them to when I suddenly wind up there myself. The ponies all live in a constant state of fear as a dark gloom lingers over the land, many of them suffering from life-threatening afflictions. Not only that, but I find myself with strange new abilities.

What has happened here? What's happening to me? I will soon discover that I play a major part in the survival of the pony race, but am I up for the challenge that faces me?

Gore tag for some blood.

Part I in the "Guardian Of Equestria" saga.

Note: Potential spoilers in the comments section.

Cover Art by ThePleonasticPotato http://thepleonasticpotato.deviantart.com/art/Ponyville-at-Night-360066446

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Just putting this here. Make it feel more heroic.

5059373 Thanks for this. I always like these dark and dramatic orchestral pieces. I think it would fit perfectly with my journey into Everfree in the next chapter.

This is extremely rushed, not my typical choice of read.

5068749 Point taken. Keep in mind though that this is still unfinished.

5073114 well, make suggestions, grammar maybe, stuff like that

Nice. But were are you going with this?

5082245 All in good time. Don't worry. :raritywink: I came up with the idea for this story about a month and a half ago, made sure I had the story fully figured out before I even started writing it, and have gone through the details over and over to make sure that it's consistent. I do have a clear ending point planned out, but I won't put out anything until I'm completely satisfied with it. Just so that you don't think I'm going about this story all half-assed because I hate that. I really appreciate your interest in my story. :pinkiesmile: Thanks for the support.

This is a great story. I can't wait for the next chapter :pinkiehappy:

5090506 Thanks for the feedback and the favorite.

5091070 Your welcome and have you read more of my story?

5092126 Yes. I'm now current on it having read 2 and 3 last night and 4 and 5 this morning. Really love the nod to the Joker with Pinkamena. :pinkiecrazy: LOLZ!!!!!!!! For a second, after reading the first chapter, I was thinking that Rarity's upcoming mental breakdown was going to result in her becoming Nightmare Rarity, but it was still emotionally grabbing as she had her dark turn just like Selina Kyle. Also the Elfen Lied references were heartbreakingly perfect. :fluttercry: I couldn't stop crying while at the same time feeling happy for Fluttershy that she was reunited with an old friend who was the first pony to show her kindness. I don't wanna jinx it, however, I've got the feeling that this won't last too long and that it's going to go south really soon in an even darker way than I had originally thought, but I'm still hooked wanting to know what's next. I look forward to the chapters yet to come.

5092429 I think that the next chapter will be done soon. I am very glad you liked my story :pinkiehappy:

5093214 So when is the next chapter of your story coming?

5093226 Hopefully within the next week or so, but I can't promise anything quite yet. I just posted the 2nd chapter a few days ago so I'm still working on polishing up #3 while trying to juggle other obligations, but I have made progress.

5093263 Alright and I made a lot of progress myself in the latest chapter of my story last night. It will be done maybe later tonight or over the weekend

5093627 You are really going to like the next chapter

5093792 I shall get to work on it tonight

Great chapter :pinkiehappy: It was kind of funny that Applejack thought for a moment that David and Fluttershy had sex

5109375 Yeah. I thought it would lead to some nice awkward humor there so I put it in for that reason.

5110079 It was funny. Good thing that David's girlfriend is not there or she would be fighting with Fluttershy :pinkiecrazy:

5111440 Poor Fluttershy would be accused as a homewrecker. So when is the next chapter going to be up?

5111457 Not sure. Maybe within a week or 2, but not promising anything quite yet. :applejackunsure:

5111521 I'm sorry for not finishing chapter 6 of my story like I said it would but I promise you it will be done soon

5111562 That's O.K. Take your time. At least you're spending time to make sure that it comes out the way you feel it should. Nothing wrong with that. :pinkiesmile: :twilightsmile:

5111647 Alright. I really don't want my story to come off as being rushed and contrived

5111716 I know what that's like. :raritywink: As a rule, I generally try to avoid the same and think out what I'm writing before submitting. I think it's something that all writers should strive towards.

5112339 Because stories that are rushed tend not to be good

5112963 Just like this story Dead Light where the first 4 chapters were good and it looked like it was building up something interesting but the final chapter was written in a rushed and jarring way that it ended the story in a disappointing crash. The story was a bout Twilight getting killed in a accident in a lab during one of her experiments and she wakes up a week later as a lich. She thinks that she is still and everypony was playing a big joke on by having her waking up in a coffin and acting scared around her. Then in chapter 4 she finally realises that she was dead but chapter 5 just sends the story 2 years later with so much nonsense like Twilight refusing to look in mirror for 2 years and yet trying to preserve herself for no apparent reason she decides to take an acid bath and scraped her flesh off turning her into a walking talking skeleton. What a profoundly lazy way to end a story especially that it was not a 1000 word story

5113064 So you mean to tell me that the story was 5 chapters long and yet all of it put together was no longer than 1,000 words? The same number minimum that all stories on this site are required to be?

5113201 Sorry for not replying to you sooner because of the Fimfiction upgrade. I meant to say that the final chapter of the story felt like it belonged to a 1000 word story, but this is a over 13'000 word story. It would be like if I decide to make the next chapter of my story the final chapter is the conclusion is stupid like having all the character get eaten by killer tomatoes

5113999 A lot of that story's readers are complaining about the final chapter in the comments. It seems that the author just wanted to get over with ending the story as fast as he can

Well when I get to my story's ending (which will be soon) it's not going to be rushed. I'm going to take my time with making sure that I don't skip over details like character interaction and tying up loose ends. It'll be just as long as my other chapters, at least 3x as large as the final chapter of Dead/Light (speaking of which, how do you tag a story in a comment or post?). It just might take some time of polishing it up to make sure it's perfect because I've kinda got that perfectionist side to me like Rarity. :raritystarry:

5142325 Yes. I go into greater detail about it in the sequel.

5165281 Yes. I know. Shocking. I realized that many would probably be facepalming all over this but I still found the concept of a pony winding up in our world and having many descendants until one of them finds their way back to the land of their ancestry interesting so I just ran with it, not really caring what others would think.

5165317 So is Princess Destiny still alive?

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