• Published 26th Sep 2014
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The Needs Of The Many - SapphireWings999

I don't know how I wound up here, but suddenly everypony is relying on me for their survival after a terrible curse has fallen over the land. This is not the Equestria I remember.

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Chapter I: The Adventure Begins (Edited)

My life has not been an easy one by any means. I’ve had to overcome many challenges that most people normally face and even a few that’re unique only to me.

My Little Pony has served as an escape from life’s demands while at the same time bringing hope to me, giving me the means to face the uncertain future with a positive outlook.

I’m relatively new to this whole fandom of Bronies and Pegasisters, but I’ve found much to enjoy within the show itself. The art style, the cheery songs, the well-developed characters, the clever and often funny writing, the engaging, relatable stories and the positive morals they teach. All of these and more have captured my attention ever since I first saw the 2-Part pilot back in February of 2014 on Netflix.

It is during these viewings that I have often longed to be part of that world: The world of Equestria with its beautiful scenery, mythical creatures, and welcoming inhabitants. What I never realized is that this dream would become a reality, only nothing at all like I originally imagined.

* * * * * * * *

My average day typically follows the same routine. I work at a local amusement park during the summer anywhere from 5-6 days out of the week. On my days off, I’ll either lounge around at home, call up distant relatives for a chat, or even hang out with the few friends that have time to hang out with me.

This includes my girlfriend of two years, who was actually the one to get me into My Little Pony. We discuss the show a lot in our free time, check out fan videos, listen to Brony artists, the whole nine yards.

While I do like all of the Mane Six characters, mostly because I see different parts of me in each one of them, my personal favorite of them has to be Fluttershy. I’ve just always loved her soft-spoken caring nature that people are quick to point out that I share with her.

Personality-wise though, my girlfriend says that I take more after Rainbow Dash; the whole Element of Loyalty thing playing very strongly into that. And she’s not the only one to say this. My mom has mentioned on numerous occasions how I have a very extreme sense of loyalty in regards to who and even what I associate myself with. Along with the Loyalty aspect, there are the occasions where I share the often brash nature Rainbow has.

Me and my girlfriend had planned to take the weekend off from work and go up to Old Orchard Beach in Maine: our favorite vacation spot. We’ve been to plenty of other beaches before, but there’s something about Old Orchard Beach that always has us coming back again and again.

I had just finished a long day at work and was making the final preparations before our trip tomorrow. Everything was packed up, my phone was charging overnight, and I had just gotten off a Skype call with my girl to make sure she was all set for us to leave tomorrow morning.

With everything all set, I went to bed, looking forward to the coming trip the next day. What I would not expect is that I would be taking an entirely different trip that very night.

* * * * * * * *

Now before I had gone to bed, I knew that there was supposed to be a lightning storm that night, but this didn’t typically bother me as I’ve slept through many storms before. However, this storm was nothing like I had experienced at any time in my life. The loud booms of thunder were enough to make me toss and turn in my sleep, all the while just wanting them to stop. Suddenly, the loudest thunderclap I had ever heard startled me awake in a cold sweat.

Nervously looking around, I discovered that something was wrong. My room was much too dark, as if there were no windows to let in light. Fumbling around in the dark, I reached for my clothes, my glasses, and my cell phone. After putting on my glasses and clothes, I used the flashlight on my phone to find my way to the door.

Opening my bedroom door, I expected to step out into the upstairs hallway of my house. What I saw before me was something entirely different. Before me lay a small town with colorful buildings, cobblestone roads, and, off in the distance outside of town, a shining, crystalline castle, unique and impressive in design.

As I was beholding this sight, something about it seemed strangely familiar to me, but what? After looking around I noticed a few places automatically.

Town Hall. Sugarcube Corner. It all suddenly hit me: I was now in Ponyville and the castle I saw before me was the Friendship Castle from the Season 4 finale I just saw back in May.

Looking around, though, something wasn’t right. The whole place was shrouded in a greyish-blue gloom, almost like something you’d see out of a Tim Burton movie like Sleepy Hollow or Sweeney Todd. It was also far too quiet. Where was everypony?

Taking a few steps forward, I heard a creaking noise behind me. Turning, I saw the now camouflaged door I came through closing. Running towards it, I reached out my hand to catch it, but it closed before I could reach it, disappearing from my sight.

It was at that moment when I made another discovery. Looking at my hand, I discovered that it wasn’t my normal hand. It was still a human hand, but the color of it was more pastel and the appearance of it was more like a drawing.

I held both hands out in front of me and wiggled my fingers. Looking down at the rest of me, I discovered that everything about me was pastel and had the appearance of being drawn in the ever familiar flash animation style used in My Little Pony.

“I’m a cartoon,” I thought out loud.

Several other thoughts ran through my head in that moment. What is going on here? What the hell am I even doing here?

I decided to head straight for the castle in the hopes of finding some answers. Maybe Princess Twilight would know what had happened. All I could do was go there and hope for the best.

* * * * * * * *

On my way to the castle, I discovered upon further inspection that some of the surrounding buildings had taken damage. Windows were shattered, doors were left hanging from hinges, and even some buildings had a charred smell from where a fire had been.

What had happened here?

I also heard the sounds of ponies closing their shutters as I walked through the empty streets; the only sign of life in this desolate location.

The castle was a good walk away, but I finally reached it after a few minutes. Entering through the gleaming golden doors, I walked down a rather lengthy hallway. The interior was as quiet and ominous as a mausoleum. You could literally hear a pin drop.

Suddenly, I heard a noise off to my right. Startled, I looked towards a nearby crystal pillar where I saw a small flash of light rose colored hair. I immediately relaxed when I realized who it was.

“Wait,” I finally spoke. “I’m a friend.”

There was a brief moment of silence and stillness before a face nervously poked out from behind the pillar. Sure enough, I found myself looking into the soft blue eyes of Fluttershy.

In the yellow Pegasus’ eyes, I saw fear and uncertainty. This made sense to me; she hardly had any idea who I was. For all she knew, I was probably just some hairless ape with weird clothes. In order to try to gain her trust, I crouched down to her level to show her that I wasn’t a threat.

“It’s O.K.,” I whispered, softly. “You can come on out. I’m not gonna hurt you.”

After a few seconds of standing there, Fluttershy slowly but surely came out from behind the pillar towards me.

“That’s it, Fluttershy. Nice and easy.”

At the mention of her name, she froze in her tracks. Finally she spoke.

“Wait. How do you know my name?” she asked, unsurely.

“Uh… lucky guess? My name is David. Are you here alone?”

“Oh no”-Fluttershy shook her head, softly-“Some of my pony friends are here also.”

“Is Princess Twilight here? It’s really important that I-”

My sentence died right there for at the mention of the princess, tears formed in Fluttershy’s eyes.

“What is it?” I asked, concerned. “Was it somethin’ I said?”

“Something… terrible… happened to her,” Fluttershy managed to utter through sobs.

As of the past few months, I had learned one very important truth about life from the show: Few things are more heartbreaking than Fluttershy tears.

It was in that moment that I leaned in to hug her, offering what little comfort I could. She accepted the hug willingly.

As we were embracing, something strange happened. A bright colorful aura emanated from the two of us like the Aurora Borealis before vanishing.

What was that? I thought to myself pulling away from Fluttershy.

Aaaah!!!!-Fluttershy’s pupils dilated and she jumped backwards nervously-How did you talk just now?

At that time, I was really startled to hear Fluttershy’s voice in my head especially seeing as she didn’t even open her mouth when she spoke.

Wait a minute, I thought. Can you honestly hear my thoughts?

Y-Yes, I heard her answer back mentally as she cautiously approached me again.

Unbelievable. It’s almost like we’re linked together psychically.

Um… I guess so.

You said that something terrible had happened to Princess Twilight. She’s not dead is she? I thought, nervously.

No. She’s just…

The tears came to her eyes again. I reached out both hands to dry them for her.

It’s O.K. You don’t have to tell me what happened to her, but do you think you could show me to her?

Fluttershy nodded silently and led me towards a flight of stairs. As we climbed each step, I started to feel uneasy. What terrible fate had befallen Princess Twilight that it brought Fluttershy to tears like this? I would find out soon enough.

* * * * * * * *

Reaching the top of the stairs, we walked down a shorter hallway before coming to one of the doors. Entering, I saw Rainbow Dash and Spike over by a bed near the balcony windows. Upon our entrance, the two of them looked up in mine and Fluttershy’s direction.

“Hey, Fluttershy,” Spike finally spoke before noticing me. “Who’s this with you?”

“Um… this is David,” she answered back. “David, these are Spike and Rainbow Dash. Has her condition changed?”

Rainbow Dash shook her head sadly.

“I haven’t left her side since we first found her here like this in case she came to,” Rainbow Dash stated, “but as of this point she hasn’t even flinched.”

Listening to this conversation, I could only assume that they were talking about Princess Twilight. I approached the bed and, sure enough, the Alicorn princess was lying there with her eyes closed and an unhappy look on her face. Seeing her like this was heartbreaking. I reached out to touch her.

“What’re you doing?” Rainbow Dash snapped at me.

“I’m sorry.”-I recoiled at the outburst- “I was… just checkin’ ta see if I could find a pulse or a heartbeat.”

“Oh. O.K.,” Rainbow Dash answered a bit gentler.

I pressed two fingers against the side of Princess Twilight’s neck just below the head and felt a slight pulse. I also heard a faint heartbeat when I placed my ear against her chest.

“Was this where you originally found her? In bed I mean.”

“No,” Spike answered. “We found her collapsed on the floor next to her mirror. After finding her there, we moved her to the bed.”

“And she didn’t even stir as you were moving her?”

“Not once.”

What do you think is wrong with her? I heard Fluttershy ask in my mind.

“I think she’s in some kind of a coma,” I replied.

“What’s a coma?” Rainbow Dash asked, confused.

I’ve never had to explain what a coma is to someone so I tried to think of the right words to say, but also make sure that they understood.

“Well… a coma is… like sleep… but different.” I struggled to find the right words. “With sleep… the body rests for a brief period… and then wakes up either by itself or by someone waking it up. But a coma… lasts a much longer period of time and… isn’t the sort of thing that one can be woken up from. Only the body itself can decide when someone wakes up from a coma.”

“So we have no idea when she’ll wake up or even if she’ll wake up?” Spike questioned, putting emphasis on if.

I never meant for it to be taken that way, but since Spike had already brought it up, I found no need to sugarcoat it.

“Sadly yes,” my expression dropped.

Rainbow Dash stared at the comatose princess with a look of worry on her face.

“She was the one who first brought the rest of us together as friends,” she stated, sadly. “To think that she might not…”

As Rainbow’s voice slowly trailed off, I walked over to her and placed a hand on her shoulder as a way of reassuring her.

“I understand how hard this must be for you… for all of you, but Princess Twilight needs y’all ta stay strong for her.”

Rainbow Dash nodded as, just like with Fluttershy, the Aurora Borealis aura glowed from the two of us for a few seconds.

Whoa. Déjà vu, I thought to myself as I removed my hand from Rainbow Dash’s shoulder.

Sweet mother of Celestia! Rainbow Dash’s voice echoed in my head as she jumped back. How are you talking without moving your lips?

Wait. You can read my thoughts now too?

Umm... I guess so, Rainbow replied, a bit unsure of herself. Why are you asking?

Because the same thing happened to me and Fluttershy just a few minutes ago.

Who are you talking to? I heard Fluttershy think.

Rainbow Dash, I answered back.

What? Rainbow Dash asked.

No I was talking to Fluttershy.

She can talk to you this way too?

Yes she can.

I can what? Fluttershy thought.

At that point, I’d had enough of these two’s voices inside my head.

“O.K. just stop!” I finally shouted. “Enough with this… psychic talkin’ you guys.”

“What psychic talking?” Spike asked, totally confused.

“The psychic talkin’ that happens whenever I touch somebo- uh… some… pony. Like this.” I reached over and touched Spike.

However, when I touched Spike, nothing happened. I tried touching him again and again, but still nothing, aside from him laughing.

“Ha ha ha ha ha ha. Please stop,” he begged through a fit of cackling. “I’m very ticklish.”

“That’s weird,” I remarked, looking down at my hand. “Why wouldn’t it work?”

“I don’t know,” Fluttershy answered back. “Maybe it only works on ponies.”

“Maybe. Is there another pony here that we can test it on?”

“Well our friend Pinkie Pie is out on the balcony,” Rainbow Dash commented.

“That could work.”

“Fluttershy, you and Spike go with him while I stay with Twilight.”

“If you don’t mind, I think I’ll stay here with Twilight also,” Spike replied.


Me and Fluttershy then headed out onto the balcony where we saw Pinkie Pie sitting there all alone. Her mane and tail didn’t have their usual bouncy appearance, but instead were flat and straight. Whatever was going on, she was clearly feeling depressed.

“Pinkie Pie?” I spoke.

Whether she was suddenly startled by my mentioning her name or if she was just naturally high strung, Pinkie let out a “Yipe”, jumped several feet into the air, did a 180, then landed facing us. Once she saw Fluttershy, she relaxed a little more, but was still slightly tense at the sight of me.

“Fluttershy, who is this and how does he know my name?” she asked, slightly suspiciously.

“Um… this is David and he knows your name because Rainbow Dash told him,” she answered back.

“Oh. O.K. then. Nice to meet you, Davey.”

No one has called me “Davey” since about 15 years ago when I was just a kid. Strangely enough though, hearing Pinkie call me by that name was soothingly pleasant, even bringing a smile to my face.

“Likewise,” I replied. “So whatcha doin’ out here?”

“Keeping lookout for whenever our friends Applejack and Rarity return.”

“Where are they now?”

“They went into the Everfree Forest looking for their sisters, Apple Bloom and Sweetie Belle, as well as their sisters’ friend, Scootaloo,” Fluttershy explained.

“How long ago did they leave?”

“It’s been almost four hours now,” Pinkie stated, nervously. “I’m really starting to worry about them. What if something terrible happened to them?”

“Don’t worry. I’m sure they’re fine.”

“But what if-”

Pinkie’s sentence was cut off by her making a gagging noise as if choking. She collapsed to the floor as Fluttershy panicked.

“Fluttershy, go get Rainbow Dash and Spike,” I told her, all the while trying to remain calm. “Tell ‘em it’s a matter of life 'n death.”

Fluttershy nodded swiftly and headed back inside while I ran over to Pinkie. I panicked as she lost consciousness.

Without thinking, I reached my hand out to touch her. Upon touching her, the Aurora Borealis aura appeared and then vanished. Pinkie then regained consciousness, gasping for breath.

That was super scary, I heard her think, terrified.

Are you O.K.? I asked mentally.

I think so. Wait a minute. What’re you doing in my head?

I don’t know. This has been happening with every pony I’ve come in contact with so far. First Fluttershy, then Rainbow Dash, and now you.

That’s kinda freaky, but also kinda cool.

Do you know what had happened to you?

No. I was just talking and then I suddenly found it hard to breathe. Almost like when you laugh soo hard you stop breathing except this wasn’t funny at all.

At that moment, Fluttershy, Spike, and Rainbow Dash came rushing out.

“What happened?” Rainbow Dash questioned, nervously. “What’s wrong?”

“Nothing now,” Pinkie answered.

“Wait. Weren’t you choking when I went to get them?” Fluttershy asked, slightly confused.

“I was, but then Davey here saved me.”


“I’m not sure,” I spoke. “I was panickin’ and I reached out ta touch her when that strange aura appeared. When it vanished, not only could we hear each other’s thoughts, but she was also fully healed.”

“Weird,” Spike commented.

“Tell me about it,” I stated, frustratedly. “What’s goin’ on? Why is this happenin’ to me?”

“I have no idea,” Rainbow Dash answered.

“Maybe Princess Celestia will know. Spike, have you been able ta contact her at all since all this has happened?”

“I sent her an urgent letter, but she hasn’t responded,” Spike replied. “It’s been almost a day now.”

“Something’s happenin’.”

“What do you think it is?” Pinkie asked.

"I don’t know, but I don’t like it. Rainbow Dash, I need you ta fly ta Canterlot as fast as your wings can carry you. Find out why there hasn’t been any answer from her.”

“You got it.” Rainbow Dash offered a salute before taking to the sky.

“The three of you, stay here and keep an eye on Princess Twilight ‘til my return.”

“Why?” Fluttershy questioned, nervously. “Where are you going?”

“Ta the Everfree Forest. Someone needs ta make sure that the others are O.K. Besides, I think I know a pony who just might be able ta explain what’s goin’ on.”

Author's Note:

O.K. So this was the first chapter in a short series that I started writing about a month ago. I'm just now getting around to putting it up because I spent a lot of time just reading it over and tweaking it to make sure there was a strong feeling of consistency throughout. I'll try to upload new chapters when I can but it might take some time as I like to make sure that I'm putting out a quality product that I'm happy with. Anyways, hope you guys enjoy it and I look forward to continuing this in the near future.