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  • 72 weeks
    NEW NEW Cover Art :P

    I know a lot of ya'll didn't care for the new cover art so after spending time surfing the web I found this new piece that suit the story way better.

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  • 73 weeks
    New Cover Art

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  • 75 weeks

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  • 77 weeks
    Asta’s Magic

    Voting was closed at 9 pm last night i appreciate everyone’s hand in this and the final tally was for Duel Nature Laight and Dark Magic

    The first chapter of my next arc will be post not long after this thank you all for all your help

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  • 77 weeks
    As it stands

    Currently the total for the magic are

    1. Duel Nature Light and dark-44%
    2. DMC-33%
    3. Dimensional-33%

    I’m not the greatest at math at like at all but those are simple calculations. Voting ends tonight

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That's fine, I wasn't mad about that. I just meant as a general policy. The thing I'm annoyed by today is that when I was playing World of Warcraft earlier, the dude my quest wanted me to kill was glitched out and I couldn't do damage to him.

I'm sorry if it seems harsh to you but I was not having the best of days at the time and the fact that a conversation that I really didn't care for with any place in my comment section was going on didn't help we can move past this now and drop the subject

It just seems harsh that some normal conversation'll get you blocked from commenting on a story forever, is all.

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