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This story is a sequel to The Golden Eyed Sage

I was once nothing more than a mass of highly condensed magic, given to someone to help protect their mind from a dark influence. Soon, thanks to another powerful artifact of my host I gained sentience and a semblance of a soul. I was given a name and had brother in the form of my host but it did not last as soon the darker influence found my and ripped me from my brother's body. I granted my host once last gift in an effort to save him, just before I WAS DESTROYED.... or so I thought...

This is a spin-off story from an earlier crossover in the Golden Eyed Sage story. I had thought of doing this for some time but never got around to it. This story is about Stone Elric, a Sage Stone of the Mind given to Optimus Prime by Edward that gained awareness and a soul of its own. The Stone was destroyed but its spirit lived on and was reincarnated in its own Equestria. This story explores the concept of a Second Generation Displaced, A Displaced born to a Displaced, or a child of Displaced who is then Displaced.

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A college student who has everything go right in his life going for him. Sure the past few years have been hard with dealing with the disappearance of his oldest brother, later pronounced dead. Then a few months ago his other older brother up and vanished as well. With no current leads, he decides to continue looking for his brother in his spare time while also continuing on the path to becoming an astronomer. On his way home stop at his local comic shop and after buying a set of anime DVDs his oldest brother had recommended he is thrust into an all-new world of magical technicolor anthro ponies.

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Everypony only sees dragons as brute or monsters. But long ago, in the time of Faust, there was a dragon who delighted in song and poetry.

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