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Theoretical Rant on the workings of the STARE! · 6:17am Dec 21st, 2014

How Does Fluttershy’s Stare induce a schizophrenic episode in Karyn in the FIMFiction Story Lyra's Human 2= 23: Stareway to Derpen.


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The intricacy of it all! Even though Arthur/Sabre is very strong, you still have antagonists that challenge him. The situations he is thrust in keep me on the edge and man do I really want to know why Angel can't stay in one place with Arthur. The variations on a theme are great!
That first chapter was rough to get past a while back when I started your story. But you had originally put in your AN to try and get past it fir the rest of the story. It stopped me once, but after I was able to get past it, I was hooked.

[Maybe make the BH a rogue BH that came from another galaxy and just swallowed Arthur up. That would mean that it had no event horizon as all the material around it was already sucked in. It also wouldn't be easily detectable until potentially the last moment and beyond the window of being able to dodge. Especially if it came In perpendicular to the galactic plane.]

Just something I was thinking about right now.

It is a great story and I highly recommend it still!

And soon here twilight night I bet lol!

Thanks for adding Am I Really Their Friend?, It's Time To Leave and Scars to your favorites list. :twilightsmile:

Edit: Also, thanks for adding Sunset's Day. :twilightsmile:

Thanks for the fav on The Pony Of Vengeance! You'll love what's in store with my stories!

Thanks for the favorites and follow, man!

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