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A new age has turned and new tales will be told. What began at the Well of Pirene spreads to cover the Nine Worlds.

This group will collect and feature stories related to Through the Well of Pirene.

Main Canon stories are approved by the moderator as full parts of the series.
Side Stories do not require prior approval. They can be canon if they don't violate established material, and contributors may add them to main canon if they contribute to the series.

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I just realized this group needs a thumbnail.

369139 I put out an idea so check my other comment for details

someone should make a story about what's happening
on earth during the main story with emphasis on what Daphne's parents are thinking about what happened to their kids:moustache:

would the events of s4 finally have happened in pireneverse? I mean nothing in your story indicates no Tirek though i feel Daphne may have seen that one coming and it would have gone at least a bit better for the ponies

Hey everyone, I'm glad to be here. Does anyone have a plan?

*Enters the new world and just rolls around in it*
Oh. Oh, yes. Oh it just feels so good. Me gusta Pirene.

I guess I'm the 23rd member, and why is Lost coming to mind from that?

#20 nice and round

369009 No. 2 beat you ages ago! :trixieshiftleft:

368994 Says you, I'm # 17 here; prime number:derpytongue2:

10th member. Best member.
Rest of you get out! :rainbowwild:

Hot diggity.

368979 A nymph from Greek mythology. (Bit of a crybaby, if you ask me. :trollestia: ) Read the original story in this 'verse here!

Who is Pirene? :unsuresweetie:

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