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Thanks for faving "The Dusk Guard: Rise!" I'm glad you enjoyed the story, and I've enjoyed reading your comments? Hope the ending is everything you're hoping for!

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My idea pool -take what you want just pay me the royalties

excuse the poor grammar and and lack of punctuation...

this is a list of stories all MLP that i plan to write

Title: the forgotten history
roughly 2 thousand years ago pony kind left its cradle of life in what was called the great migration moving south the history books say they left everything behind in the old land in the rush to get the three races to safety quite effectively erasing their past in the snow but what if that was not true what if instead of accidentally leaving it behind they chose to?
the three great leaders decided to sacrifice their races long history in order that the generations to follow would forget the great atrocities that lead to the division of the three tribes it was first thought to just eliminate the accounts of it but that would leave a big gaping hole questions like why is this missing or why is there a spell specifically designed to rip pegasus wings off so everything was forgotten.
knowledge is power a famous saying despite agreeing to leaving the past in the past the leaders could not just throw it all away their was just as much good as bad so it was decided every single book would be gathered and brought and hidden in the cave they made peace in and a castle be built over it where it would be only given access to those who were worthy today the castle is called the Canterlot academy where all three races far and wide come to learn on equal footing this is the story of that secret library and a mare destined to rule a nation.

Title: Good Night (in the process of releasing this one so no touchy)

the story centers on Dusk Night a night unicorn who has returned to canterlot after hearing of Princess Luna's return
he wishes to join her personal guard but faces a large obstacle in the way and struggles to surmount it
along the way he will laugh prank and fight
but will he be able to fulfill his dreams or will his dark history pull him into a nightmare he wont wake up from?

Title: the guard Olympics (not terribly original i know)

after a treaty was signed to not have any standing armies aside from a national guard
a world wide event was created to be held every five years between all nations as a way to build bonds and compete in games
only teams of the nation's guard are allowed to compete and every year the equestrian guard compete to only lose every time
the only time equestria has ever gotten close to winning was when the newly minted Captain of the guard Shining Armor led and this year everypony has high expectations for the captain except now he is no longer the Captain of the guard since marrying cadence
he has now stepped down and thrusted the responsibility to his second in command Captain Flint who is our unwitting main character but not without a bone Captain Armor had complied a team of the best of the best unfortunately for Flint not one of them wants to be led by a earth pony
will flint be able to get them to change their racist minds or will he be stuck leading a one-pony-army against griffons dragons zebra K-9's?

Title: oh brother

family is more than blood its living breathing and eating together despite how much we hate love or care for one another
twilight feeling like she has drifted from her brother ever since he married cadence has decided to have a brother sister retreat in ponyville just the two of them
problem is every pony else had the same idea so now six elements of harmony bearers and their respective older sibling and a dragon find themselves willing or not on a retreat
some ponies will get along others will be at each others throats

i just tried reading this post i stopped at the 1/4 mark just saying i have a greater for punctuation... still not going to punctuate this though