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It's been ten years since Rainbow Dash's father disappeared in a wild, fierce thunderstorm. When the same strange storm hits Ponyville, Rainbow Dash does as much as she can to try and stop it from happening again.

But magic has a strange habit of making things reappear, opening old wounds that could change Rainbow Dash's life forever.

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This story is beautiful.:fluttercry:

YES! I shall follow this story!
I want to see how this goes and some feel points there. RD needs this, very much.

I have only one problem with this. You see, HIS NAME IS BIFRÖST, DARNIT!!

You have my interest. Don't disappoint.

~Skeeter The Lurker

MOAR MOAR MOAR!!! :flutterrage: :flutterrage: :flutterrage: .... you do not want to disappoint her..

I am loving the story so far. I look forward to reading more of it. Keep up the great writing!

Well good sir you have my attention and the Feature Box's as well. Don't disappoint!:pinkiehappy:

Also just remembered, I remember seeing something about malachlorians or something, y'know what The Force is :rainbowlaugh:

2486625 BROHOOF for my BRO /)

Nice setup and good delivery. Everypony feels in-character, and I love Twilight's "medichlorian" joke.

Can't wait for more! :rainbowdetermined2:

Aside from a few grammar issues, that was really good! Can't wait for more!

For some reason I'm half expecting him to start hitting on RD since he apparently doesn't know who she is yet. Awesome story so far
Says who? No name has been uttered in canon, and I don't think a figure has been released of him yet.

Just checked, since his name isn't in black it is not an official name so only a fandom name. So the writer can call him anything he wants to.

Followed for sure.
This could be very interesting.

*(\ And a BROHOOF back Bro!

.....Did you make a star-wars reference?

OMG I LOVE IT:heart::rainbowkiss::rainbowkiss: I need MAOR :flutterrage::flutterrage::flutterrage::flutterrage::flutterrage:

Hmmmm... interested in seeing where this goes! Here's hoping it's good :rainbowkiss:

Goosebumps. Very nice.

Good stuff, I look forward to more. :yay:

Kind of call it with the preview alone, but I'll follow the story to see were you are going with it, so keep it up :twilightsmile:

Isn't this suppose to be sad?

You do know that people are going want more of this story, right author?:trollestia:

Comment posted by Axel IV deleted Apr 27th, 2013

This... Is gonna be awesome! :rainbowkiss:

"By the beard of Zues"~ Ron Burgundy
Great story :coolphoto:

That word touches nerves, it does. Even if you change the spelling a little.

Is there a reason this reminds me of the new Star Trek?

I haven't even gotten halfway through this first chapter, and already, I can tell that this is a story I want more of. The writing quality is excellent so far, and you have earned a thumbs up and a Fav from me.

I suggest to continue this until everybody has their closure.:derpytongue2:

Because I doubt people will leave your inbox alone if you don't...:pinkiesmile:

Don't say I didn't warn you. Have a nice day.:pinkiecrazy::raritywink:


I'll try my best! :rainbowdetermined2:

I don't think he would he is a married stallion after all.

Great story! You've got me pretty hooked. :pinkiehappy:

Hmmm... I wonder what's going to happen next...

*Meanwhile inside my imagination*

Rainbow Dash: Who the buck are you?!

Sky Strike: I'm going to tell you something important now, so you better dig the wax out of those huge ears of yours and listen! The reputation of Cloudsdale's weather team echoes far and wide. When they talk about its badass leader - the stallion of indomitable spirit and masculinity - they're talking about me! The mighty Sky Strike!

Probably because Star Trek had a couple brief stints into time travel which, I suspect, is what just happened with RD's father...stupid magic storm probably generated exactly 1.21 jigawatts right as he hit an air speed of 88 KMPH

OMG THIS!!!!! 8O

Poor Sky Strike has not the slightest idea what has actually happened. He probably thinks he ended up over the town near Cloudsdale while fighting the storm when really he ended time traveling.

2486289 Jeez, Captain! Didn't expect to see you lurking around!

Incredible! More please! :heart:

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