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Diablo Crossover.

The Archangel of Justice destroyed the Worldstone to spare Humanity the corruption Baal infected it with. The force of its death knell shatters Mount Arreat and sends Tyrael hurtling across the endless planes of reality. He falls upon a world untouched by Angel or Demon, far from the sight of the High Heavens. So far, in fact, that he fears he will not be reborn from the Crystal Arch.

Wounded and near death, hope appears in the form of two strange creatures bearing the power of night and day.

Tyrael now faces a time of recovery as his power slowly heals within a body fashioned for him by his saviours. Justice Incarnate tastes for the first time the life of a mortal, and it is a strange, confusing experience .He has been left in the care of one Twilight Sparkle to learn of this world.

After all, where better to find peace and harmony than Ponyville?

Act I - The Root of Evil
Act II - ????????
Act III - ???????
Act IV - ???????

[Cover image used with full permission of the owner. Go on, go have a look at Chagial's stuff.]

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I always wanted a diablo 3 crossover.My reaction to seeing it:pinkiegasp:

wait.... so Equestria is the Pandemonium?

and the secret rainbow level is the hardest area for the corresponding difficulty..... seems legit.....

I like it even though I don't know what the crossover is, I want to read more of this story..

761097 Pandemonium is just like the basic background reality that's all over the place, within which the High Heavens, Burning Hells, Sanctuary and for this story Equestria sit, like islands in a sea. A very big sea that is possibly endless. And probably exists in more then 3 dimensions. Its complicated, I imagine.


so I guess that inTyrael's backstory, when saying that he's broken in Pandemonium, it meant that he was kinda floating through this void but you decided to have him crash on Equestria to recharge

761183 Exactly! Not sure if I'll deal with why Equestria exists here, but if I decide to got a couple ideas. As for why he told an untruth to the player, well I imagine he'd not be eager to risk the Burning Hells finding out about such a uncorrupted place to turn their attentions. No one wants demons to get their grubby little monster fingers all over the ponies.

Never played Diablo, loving this.


Some spelling errors here and there, but you have piqued my interest.

upon reading this first thing i thought of was
sup celestia i'm an angel sent here from the explosion of fighting the ultimate evil. nice place ya got here.

761420 I am very glad of the second, and will see to the first! Thank you for telling me some were missed.

Seems interesting, i dont know much about the diablo universe, but I always look forward to new a story.

so this takes place before diablo 3
but after diablo 2 ?

761490 Yes, right after the Lord of Destruction expansion ends with Tyrael destroying the Worldstone. Got 20 years until D3.

I think that this is a fine start to a great story. I've always liked Tyrael, so seeing a story about him gets my inner fanboy going.
My only nitpick about this is when Tyrael is complaining about feeling tired it says "He had slain thousands of demons in the course of the Eternal Conflict, and while he had deleted his power it had not been such a physical ache." Did you mean to say depleted instead of deleted?

Awesome. Cool. Radical.
and no, they're not basically the same :rainbowkiss:

761562 Indeed I did mean depleted. Foolish of me, I shall correct it at once. Thanks for letting me know, and glad you think its started well. I agree about Tyrael too, he's by far my favourite Blizzard character. Not least because he puts his money (divinity) where his mouth is concerning his belief that Humans Are Special.

I could imagine Tyrael coming back to heaven and announcing his return, "I have returned from the land of talking ponies and friendship!"
And the Angels are all like: "..."

761846 Hehe, your comment made me think of this:
Imperius: Tyrael, where have you been for the past 20 years? Off cavorting with those dirty humans, I've no doubt!
Tyrael: No! In fact, I was with ponies! Many coloured magical ponies!
Tyrael: Yes.
Imperius: The small kind of four legged things humans ride?
Tyrael: Yes.
Imperius: ....

761935 Tyrael received socketed straightjacket of the Angel!

As he fell into sleep, Tyrael decided he would never take mortal form again.

Are you playing Diablo 3? Because I think I saw what you did there.

A very, VERY interesting idea for a crossover. Just what I would have wanted out of a Diablo crossover, too.
Really looking forward to the next chapter! Nice job here.

I am liking this and faving it. If you need any OCs you can use the ones in my blog (Try not to kill em as enemies). I am great at coming up with unique characters but not so good with stories. I am happy this is a different entity turned pony instead of a human turned pony.

A very good start for a fanfic I will enjoy reading further into! :twilightsmile:

I'm surprized RBD didn't get a wing boner over Tyrial or something. with him being an angel, he probobly wouldn't respond to any advances RBD may try. cuz you say he was about Big Mac's size and with the badass wings, he'll be getting all the bitches

Excellent chapter sir, gave me quite a few chuckles throughout the piece. Keep it up, you're doing pretty well.

Damnit spike! You read something only for Paladin!

I quite enjoy the character building. Action doesn't have to be in everything but Twilight is going to go crazy trying to figure Tyrael out. At least you didn't have him lie in front of Applejack yet and get caught about it.

Keep on making good stories mate, and G'day :twilightsmile:

This is most pleasing, meat bag. Continue and you shall be spared from the Virtuacalypse.

That is all.

Logging off.

-Sixteen, The Binary Scourge

Nice and long chapter! I think you portray Tyrael quite nicely! :ajsmug:

i enjoy this. MORE IS NEEDED.


This chapter was very amusing.

Is this before the events of Diablo 3? I can't tell, since I've never played D2 or D3.

Awesome chapter imo. I can't wait to read more though don't rush on it. But, if you can HURRY UP WITH THE NEXT CHAPTER!...please.

It’s Pinkie Pie. She doesn’t make need to sense. -> need to make
"He heard Twilight cry out as the rainbow trailing pegasus clip the mailmare and her heavy bag." -> clipped, or hit

...Right, anyway. Awesome chapter aand... A cliffhanger?

EDIT: On the whole "This chapter does feel a little talky", well, that's... not a problem. Character Development > "Action packed scenes wooo!"

The story takes place in the 20 years between D2's ending and D3's start.
Or was it 10? I can't remember...

3 possibilities
1: Diablo broke to equestria
2: Portal from Sanctuary to Equestria
3: Pinkie Pie broke the elusive 5th wall

What is in the letter?! I can't wait to new chapter!

Grammar nitpick power activate! the sentence in question is right after Twilight runs back to give Rarity her invitation, specifically it's an improper use of too. " Or as too himself as he could be in the middle of the road." I noticed it because you used the correct version in the sentence before. Other than my grammar nitpicks, this was a good chapter. It might be a little dialog heavy, but it's needed because the first few chapters are where you establish character relations. Showcasing what Tyrael thinks of the others and what the others think of him allows you to illustrate their character development in later chapters. On a different note, any chance we will see Tyrael summon his sword, El'druin, to kick some ass?

785667 781643 Thank you both for once again pointing it mistakes. Even little things like that will annoy me if I find them after like a week or something. Much appreciated. I'm going to assume I simply pressed the 'o' key too hard for a moment and just missed it. I really should get a beta-reader, but my usual beta-reader hasn't played any of the Diablo games and I for some reason feel that would be required. Funnily enough, she's the one who got me into MLP.

You are quite correct about how the first few chapters establish character relations, and after some deliberation I've decided it was alright, it just felt off after some work on original work which has moved past that stage.

To Nealend86, about El'druin. Sadly, the lore established that El'druin was separated from Tyrael after he threw it into the Worldstone. It turns up in the official comics as well, annoyingly, so my inability to simply break the lore like that gets in the way.

But never fear, I have plans for showcasing Tyrael's power. They might not turn up for a while, because the thing for now is that he's struggling with a living body and all the trouble that entails and no longer being among the eight most powerful beings (the Angiris Council and Prime Evils) in existence. The process of regaining his power, in any form, will make up an important plot-line but I don't want to start that too soon.

I hope other comment-leavers don't feel jealous you two got such a long reply. But I can't help myself when you left such a helpful comments with questions too.

780997 Diablo 3 is 20 years after Diablo 2, and this is set in the time between them..

once again great chapter, I hope to see more soon.

791872 Ah, you just made my day with that timing. Mate, wait about five minutes and your hope will be fulfilled.

"iron will just though" though should be thought :pinkiehappy:

Must.. Maintain.. First place..
After Twilight levitates Iron Will and Tyrael and is complaining about the use of talking in third person, there needs to be a comma between works and Trixie.

meanwhile i still think this is a better love story than twilight.

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