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The Fields of Ice

Hello Everyone! If any of you met me in real life, I doubt you'd know this by looking at me, but I love reading and writing romance stories. My favorite ships are Spilight and Spike x any CMC.


Equestria is full of magic. It practically runs the world. Ponies use it to control the weather, light their homes, build cloud cities, and even raise the sun. But what would happen if one day magic ceased to exist? What would happen to society as we know it? What would happen if that were to occur today?

(Revolution TV Show Link / MLP crossover.) (Also there is some SpikeDash shipping later on... You've been warned.)

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You have piqued my interest. I shall add this to read later and..well...read it later.

I do so claim this spot in order to proclaim that this story seems to have potential! The reading of such a story shall now be commenced and judgement rendered at such time as the ending of chapter one and shall be placed here with the tag of "EDIT"

Interesting to say the least. Definitely a interesting idea. I'd be happy to continue reading on to see what happens nect! And if it's not to much trouble, spaces between the paragraphs would be nice. (I kept losing my spot.)

I'm going to read it and then give my verdict on whether or not I liked it along with any spelling errors that I catch and so on and so forth which will be placed under the banner of "EDIT" on my previous post

1838000 Thank you for dumbing that statement down a bit...:derpytongue2:

it was actually supposed to be an intentional first post grab with superfluousness words written in the over exaggerated sense of a long winded knight :rainbowlaugh:

This is an amazing read. I'm loving it so far. This is totally worth watching. I freaking love the TV show.
Kudos. :rainbowkiss:

1838028 ... I have no idea what you just said, but I believe it... :twilightoops:

1838039 Thanks! :twilightblush: I know the TV show is bad ass! I hate that mid season finale though! :flutterrage: "MOAR!"

*sigh* using lots of words to make it sound more important than it really was. also, this:

First massive stone pillars would plummet to the ground, smashing anything unlucky enough to be caught in its path, then giant stone slaps that might have once been floors and roofs had a similar fate, and last was the most disturbing, Pegasi poured out of the crumbling structures as they plummeted to the ground.

the word you are looking for is slabs, not slaps

1838061 Sorry, it's a habit...
Damn you auto correct!

1838066 :rainbowlaugh:
should probably lower case pegasi as well

Hmmm... yesterday the world was supposed to end, in the last half an hour I've listened to two songs about the apocolypse, and now I'm reading this story :unsuresweetie: ... meh, just my rambling, good story dear sir. :pinkiehappy: MOAR!!


1838071 .... Auto correct did it. I trust auto correct....

1838079 Thank you! :twilightsmile: Trust me this story is just getting started. I expect 15,000-25,000 words at least.

Interesting idea. Good work, but a little bit longer paragraphs and a space in between them would improve it quite a bit though.

1838130 I've been told this, but I'm scared the Grammar Gestapo will kill me...

This is quite an interesting and original storyline.:rainbowderp: While I am curious about the pendant I have to ask something. Is the sun going to say their, will it move on it's own for now on, or will it go through it normal movement once and thats it:rainbowhuh: since their is no more magic means Celestia doesn't control the sun anymore.

1838206 It just stays there. Canterlot freezes, Ponyville is in the temperate zone, and Manehatten boils. Something like a planet orbiting a red dwarf or how one side of the moon always faces us...
This plays a big role in the story later.
Manehatten 178*F
Ponyville 70*F
Canterlot -38*F

I hate the TV show (mainly the female lead), but combining it with ponies makes this idea way better. This has potential.

Then there is going to be a lot of ponies and the like coming to the Ponyvile area to the point of overpopulation probably. Manehatten will probably be overflowing with dragons since they could stand the heat seeing how they can swin in lava. And beings that can handle the extreme cold will probably start heading to Manehatten. There are a lot of possiblities you can go with this if you think about it.

1838267 Well they would come to Ponyville if they could, but there's no magic, so no transport. Most just die there, but in the case of Canterlot, things get pretty messed up. They start using the fur of the weak as fur coats.

I can see where you are going with this but they still have their hooves and wings right?:rainbowhuh: I don't expect everyone to make but at least one or two small group from those place should be able to make it.

1838500 Yeah, but the story does take place 15 years from now so by then if you didn't make it you're dead...

Ice my brother, glad to see your not dead and still writing, I'll read it soon, you know that for a fact but I really need a smoke,....I'll be back:pinkiehappy:

1838588 Lol! Naw, I'm not dead. And now that it's the 22nd we're all good. :trollestia:

1838595 Right:rainbowlaugh: Humans are so fucking stupid they will believe anything, it's so fucking sad:rainbowlaugh::rainbowlaugh::rainbowlaugh::rainbowlaugh: Ah......we are all going to die by aliens if we keep this up one day bro, I kid you not:yay:NOW OFF TO MY SMOKE....then your new story.

Also hoping to see an update on your old ones as well:twilightsmile: And I'm very suprised at you, while I'm a big fan of SpikeDash, I'm got to say this is the first non-Spilight I ever seen of you, still best pairing ever in my option but it's great to see you writing about new romance pairings my friend:ajsmug:


Thats good to know. Can't wait to see where you go with this.

1838609 Well you can't exactly have Twilight and Spike make out if everyone thinks she's dead... Plus he's living with RD so...

Shit.....are.....are you serious? No.....no magic in all of Equestria? Not even for the Gods? Is that even possible? Damn.....this is a very serious story.....I 100% approve:pinkiehappy: But shit, Rarity is not going to be happy, that for sure.

I really like the SpikeDash you have going on but I can sense a bit of Spilight in it as well, I think....heh, just goes to show you can never truely get rid of your favorite pairing:ajsmug: I'm down for this, but shit, Cloudsdale fell.....wonder what Gilda and Lighting Dust think about that or a few others.

Will Derpy Hooves be in this story at? I for one find it very, very, very hard to read a story and not see her be in it for even a minor part.....Equestria is really bucked now......damn:fluttercry:

1838706 This chapter in a nutshell:

No TwiSpike. Just Rainbow Spike... And a possible non explicit clop scene... Still trying to figure that one out myself...

Meh, maybe idk. Doubt it...

1838727 Right and I hear you......hmmmm....I'm game:pinkiesmile:

Rainbow Spike you say? ...Okay, you got my interest. It's an interesting idea, and I'll be keeping an eye on this. Please, by all means, continue!


This icon has been more intimidating than i originally thought.:twilightoops:
But, I'm glad to hear it!

1838963 Just changed mine to something that'll make you shit bricks! BEHOLD! NOM NOM!

1838997 Bricks are all over my floor, man. How am I gonna clean this up?

I wonder if nature will take over Equestria now - perhaps the Everfree Forest grows out of control?

This sounds promising. There are a few missing commas here and there, but good work overall!

1840736 In some places yes. But most cities will be burned down anyways so...

Holy crap that was epic cant wait to see how everypony is going to survive without magic anyway good opening for your story and I can't wait to read more :twilightsmile:
Liked Faved Moustache:moustache:

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