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Half the time I don't even know how I do what I seem to do so well. I try not to think too hard on it, for fear of breaking myself in the process.


Update inbound · 5:26am Saturday

A new chapter will be coming sometime tomorrow night. I just need to do a bit more polishing before then.

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Hi thanks for the comment on my very first fanfic it is very much appreciated.

Just finished HIE in audio format, was quite the experience. Hope you will conclude the mystery of the two missing foals, but, from the sound of things, they are, in fact, dead.

Hey, I had an amusing thought after Alternate Alicorn Twilight was introduced. Saying she eventually gets to go home and decides to visit the human world and share her escapades with her human friends and Rainbow Dash recognizes the name Ulquiorra. Rainbow then proceeds to share with them her extensive collection of manga, being the action buff that she is, and Twilight gets to see first hand what Ulquiorra used to be like. Can't imagine her reaction to his ultimatum to Orihime's hunger strike.

She would also probably wonder what Ulquiorra is doing featured in a manga, a supposedly fictional work.

3164479 Yes, but you didn't talk about relationships. You specifically talked about gay relationships.

You also never raised an issue with Disney featuring a relationship in the majority of their movies for kids.

You'll note that I never said one way or another just which types of romances and relationships should be getting promoted and pushed in an animated film that's intended for children.

As to the film in the link, I've never even heard of it.

Unlike some folks whose existence basically revolves around time spent on certain social media platforms, I'm far too busy with more pressing matters, to take time out of my day to go around looking for things to hate on just so I can have something to feel in an otherwise empty and unfulfilling day.

316434 But princes kissing princesses in every other children's story is perfectly fine?

Tell me, have you seen this movie yet?

I'd love to hear what your opinion on it is.

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