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I hate to be the bad news bear, but... · 6:34am Dec 5th, 2013

Last Friday Night is Finished

I really, really hate to say it. I had so many more ideas for the story. There was gonna be the jail break, and the Trixie, and all kinds of other good things that I have no motivation to work on. That, and the fact that I haven't updated the story in almost 20 weeks now.

But worry not!

I'm currently working on two more stories--don't look at me like that--that I'm really enthuisatic about. Twilight Sparkle: Ace Attorney and A Day in the Life of an Alcoholic Alicorn, abbreviated as TS: AA and DLA.

TS: AA--While this might sound like it's going to be a blatant ripoff, it's not. I assure you, Twilight Sparkle is going to have her own "game," so to speak.

DLA: Twahlet Spackle gets engaged to the love of her life--Boozehound Sunbutt. In other words, this is LFN's sequel. Instead of moving in a linear story-line, each of the chapters will be separate Fridays.

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So, yet another writer's deleted their stories and vanished?

Hey, man! Thanks for the favourite on You have Made Your Bed. I really appreciate it.

Knock knock, Everything alright? How's life going so far? =)

Thanks for following me! :pinkiehappy:

Thank you for the follow! :twilightsmile: Much Appreciated

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