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An adventurer discovers an ancient tome that acts as a catalogue to the multiverse, containing every detail. After reading it, she goes insane, experiencing multiple lives, struggling to tell overlapping worlds apart. In an attempt to save anypony else from succumbing to the madness, she destroys the book, scattering it to the winds. Unbeknownst to her, mere contact with the relic is the cause for the insanity, and so, the contagion is airbourne.

Symptoms (in order):
Dreams through the eyes of the OC's human counterpart/'creator'
Blackouts/Fainting (more dreams)
Acting out of character, using humanisms
Faltering perception of reality, worlds over lapping

Other Symptoms (not compulsory):
Experiencing alternate versions of their own lives
Premonitions (dejavu)
Know things unnaturally (eg, know lesser known facts about canon characters)
Sense of indecency (humans and clothes)

Canon and Fanon Characters are immune

See The Premise thread for more info. PM me for more details and questions, or comment on the front page, or create new threads, whatever! - Suke

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I started brainstorming a bit and found a possible scenario for a story in your universe
Working on it right now, got a gdocs and all - nothing redacted yet, only a summary.
Just to let you know, and in case anyone is interested in reviewing / prereading it or anything. Feel free to reply here or PM me :3

335638 town crier


kinda just less corrupt....gimmie thirty bits and i'l say whatever you want


dont worry i shall not forget to include that part

335636 ya mean a....crap forgot the name

That guy you pay in Assassins Creed to shout false things....

335636 let it also be known i think the thing should grow because it's an awesome idea, and not because i thought of it. had someone stolen my idea, i would have happily followed them if they were successful in making it big

let it be heard like a street preacher of the days of old

spread the word, my friends, and let this thing grow as it should

nice name there suke :rainbowdetermined2:

Dis gun be gooood

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