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I got degrees, can I stop homework now?

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Oh hey, welcome! I got a bunch of followers for editing a story some years ago, and then I put out a (joke) story of my own a few months later, and nowadays I just read the good stuff one can find in here.

If you have a concept, a story to be proofread or edited, then shoot me a PM and I'll gladly take over your work help however I can! It may take days, but I'll get back to you.

It's been years since I was supposed to be expanding a universe by writing a story, and while I haven't touched it in so long, I could dedicate a couple of hours a week to getting back into it. Seeing interest would help a lot with my motivation, so make sure to leave a comment if you like the stuff!

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No problem, I was recommended to follow your blog posts
Which I happened to find pretty useful
Keep up the good work

Thank you kindly for the watch :twilightsmile:




Thanks for faving Patience, She Said. I'm glad you enjoyed it.

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Disclaimer: I can't surf


Hi again! So uh, if you've made it down here, you've got to be somehow interested in my profile, eh?

Well, I'm a French engineer, I work in IT, I make music and I liked ponies. Still didn't catch up on the two latest seasons, but that's on the back burner. And I don't know anyone here. I mean, I've read a bunch of stories, I know a few names, but uh, nobody knows me.

So basically, I'm writing a few stories, for fun, trying to keep my English at an acceptable level. Well, writing... more like putting out short summaries of concepts and leaving them to rot hidden from all.

You can hit me up for no reason at all, and it may take some time, but I'll make sure to send you a reply :twilightsmile:

Music for inspiration

Don McLean - American Pie, "I'll be gone forever, but don't be sad"
Mogwai - Hungry Face, calm yet mysterious ambiance (a bit short sadly)
Gary Jules - Mad World, (if you don't know it already) "Everything's gone" or "Everything is pointless" and other kind of drama
Muse - Plug In Baby as ending credits music or something
Or this for "subconsciousness" atmosphese
Metallica - All Nightmare Long or Megadeth - Back In The Day or ERRA - Dreamwalkers, action
Outset Island - The Legend of Zelda: The Wind Waker , nothing special happens - Ponyville usual atmosphere.