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Back From the Dead · 12:41am Apr 4th, 2017

A rather rough semester combined with a general lack of inspiration has bogged down all my progress to a virtual halt. However, I have managed to finish enough of HeartBeat to constitute the bare minimum of a chapter. As always, I'd appreciate anyone who could spare a bit of time to look over the chapter and let me know just how badly I screwed up. To any all willing to help edit: LINK

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2296937 I just recently started reading through some stories in my read later list and I realised there are a lot of your stories which I haven't read at all. Especially your newer one-shots. I just thought I'd check on you while I'm here.

Also, I'm sure you have more important matters than updating anything on here so I wouldn't sweat it.

Wow, somebody actually remembers I exist!

I jest, of course. In any case, I'm still around, I just don't get nearly as much time as I would like to spend on writing and such between work and classes. Was there something you were looking forward to being updated?

I hope you are doing okay, DBS. I wonder if you have moved onto pastures anew.

I have read a couple of your stories, and I cannot fathom why anyone would say they are 'aren't good enough'. I think the issue that you are facing is that too many readers come to this site to find two kinds of story: clop and cute, fluffy, sugary fare . Your works dive into deep themes, uncomfortable emotions, and fears that haunt the back of all of our minds. Your stories requires a different palette to enjoy, and I have found that such is uncommon.

Put your doubts aside and keep writing, if it is what you want to do and what brings you joy or peace. If readers cannot appreciate the art you craft, let them look elsewhere. I, for one, appreciate what you do and the skill with words that you wield. Keep writing what your muse guides you to, enjoy the process, and let the rest fall away.

What it is not outside the realm of possibility, my continuing it is not likely anytime soon.

  • Viewing 49 - 53 of 53
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