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After receiving her first correspondence from Princess Twilight, Dragon Lord Ember decides to embark on a journey to Ponyville to help bridge the two cultures. Accompanying her, is the cantankerous Garble, one who Ember believes could benefit most from this foreign Pony concept of "friendship." Shortly after arriving, however, Ember learns that this supposed teacher of friendship is just using Spike as her personal servant. Such indignance will not stand. Not if Dragon Lord Ember has anything to say about it.

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We all know that Spike isn't actually a slave, and that the work Spike does for the ponies is his way of being important to them, but from Ember's perspective it can't look good. It will be fun to see Twilight try to talk her way out of this. The verbal gymnastics will be amazing:

Wait, Ember, you don't understand! Spike likes being my errand boy and my assistant and mopping the floors and washing all the dishes from entire state dinners and making nachos that we don't eat! No, most eleven-year-old ponies wouldn't be asked to... no, they'd be in school. No, I don't send Spike to school because... well, I'm the closest thing he has to family, so he's been helping me since I hatched... wait, no, I'm not his mother. No, I'm not his sister, he's my assistant... no, I wouldn't ask my pony to friends... but he helps them too! Wait, what? Yes, he does have a crush on, but we don't... why, because he's a dragon of course and that wou... oh God, we're going to die!

Like, like, like. I look forward to Ember's much needed intervention. If anyone needs one, it's Spike. Poor thing... :duck:

calinjc #3 · Apr 18th, 2016 · · 7 ·

YEAH! You go, Ember! Put that so-called Princess of Friendship in her place.:ajsmug:

I haven't read this yet, but this seems like a very clever idea for a story!

7138150 Oh... She'll try. She'll try.

Starlight's finest moment, IMHO.

Dun! Dun! Dun!:pinkiehappy:

Spike, looks like your gonna have to put on the moves to fix this!:moustache:

Well, this is a pickle. I wonder how everyone will deal with this.

Interesting to see where this leads to... I also hope that in this fic, Spike grows a little bigger and with wings (something tells me he will molt and it will be painful for him)...
But yes, it would be interesting for Spike to reveal that he doesn't really like the whole errand boy role...
It would be interesting to see if Spike just wants to have a little bit more freedom and choices in his life...

:pinkiehappy: Spikes doing errands
:twilightoops: Spikes busy
:applejackconfused: Spikes out somewhere
:fluttercry: I haven't seen Spike and Rarity missed our spa appointment
:moustache: Wasup?
:twilightoops: Embers here!
:duck::moustache: We where busy doin nothing!
:rainbowwild: for six hours!
:moustache::raritywink: doin nothing !:facehoof:

Now let's see how Twilight will talk herself out of this hole she dug herself for years.

“This is our Dragon Lord!” Garble shouted at Pinkie. “She is strong, and tough, and, uh, strong! She’s not pretty!”

“Wait, wait, wait,” Ember said, marching up to Pinkie Pie. “You mean to tell me that the Princess is using Spike as her errand boy?”

Funny. I was just about to suggest that Garble retire from protection services and get a job as an errand boy. Regular Fry, that guy.

Hmm... so where is this going to end up?

I'm looking forward to seeing.

This looks promising... Please continue...

This is interesting. I'm going to track it and see where it goes.

Ha! Spike being raised to be Twilight's slave was gonna backfire sooner or later.

I'm curious to know if Spike has repressed his true feelings about being merely 'an errand boy'?

Comment posted by The Yncarne deleted Apr 19th, 2016

Holy misunderstanding Batman!!

Ohhh please Ember just wait till you hear about Rarity...

Why does everyone seem to forget that Spike LIKE doing these things for Twilight? In fact his GREATEST FEAR is for Twilight to send him away cause she doesn't need his help anymore. He was scared that Twilight's Owl would replace him. These Errands are chores and he must get payed for it since he buys comic books.

I am in fact on Twilight's side and so against ember right now cause she is a foreign leader Saying she is going to take an Equestrian Citizin away. She has no right to Spike was born in Equestria not the dragon lands. I am hoping Ember sees what she is doing is dumb or gets rainbowed to the face.

This is a really great premise, to be honest.

You say that like it's a bad thing. They don't let just anybody into the Equestrian Association of Professional Assistants, you know.

7139390 It does seem like everyone here has indeed forgotten that Spike generally does enjoy what he does in life..

Didn't even hear Spike's side.

I've never heard that one. What's it from?

7139390 These facts are conveniently forgotten because 'ponies are racists', you see. Every other species is right, even when they're dead wrong.

Remember, people always complained about Celestia being worshipped and obeyed seemingly without question.

But the Dragon Lord having absolute dominion over all dragons with a magical scepter is perfectly acceptable to these same people.

As you get older, you'll realize that hypocrisy is the mainstay of most people's mode of thought. :trollestia:

TD... you know that trying to portray this with any nuance is doomed to fail.

You have to exaggerate!

Either Spike's a slave that has a terrible life and anyone who says he's fundamentally happy is a monster, or he has a perfect life that can never be improved upon, and implying that there ever could be an improvement makes you an angsty whiner.

You have to pick one or the other, or someone will pick your side for you. Sometimes both sides will decide you're on the other side, even.

Man, this started as a joke, but I think I made myself sad.

I was briefly tempted to ironically downvote this comment, but given that every other comment here talking about Spike has accumulated multiple downvotes — apparently for the mere sin of talking about Spike — the irony would get completely lost in the noise.

I wish all the pro- and anti-Spike partisans would go find something more productive and less controversial to argue about. Like politics. I've never understood how there can be so much salt lingering over a single character when fandom as a whole has learned to take things like best-pony debates with such relative grace.

As for the story, you've got my interest. This is certainly a setup begging to be explored, and the characterization so far seems spot on.

While I am not blameless when it comes to Spike-partisanship (pro-Spike 4 lyfe yo... I've been confrontational and stubborn in the past), I agree that it would be better for the fandom as a whole to cool off when it comes to this stuff. Less personal attacks, less polarization. We're talking about the interpretation of fictional events that are filled with holes and frequent oversights of logic or application of cartoon logic, just because the show winds up doing that from time to time. Turns out there's more than one interpretation.

True! That´s what makes me balk at stories like ¨Spike´s Diary¨ because they show that he hates his position in life, even though in the show he dreads not being able to do it!

7141957 Maybe because, from what we've seen in the show, doing chores is pretty much ALL he's good at.

Ooh... I can feel the "Small Scale" flashbacks kicking in already. Let's watch and see how closely the stories end up aligning...

Note I enjoyed this story and I Hope Spike sets it right. I am just angry at Ember for jumping to a conclusions so fast not hearing any one else's side kind of a shitty leader. conclusions so fast not hearing any one else's side kind of a shitty leader. Hey maybe this will be a good lesson for her.

Obviously, Spike's not just a servant to Twilight she that she considers him to be both much more than that and of considerable more worth. For Ember though, this is clearly a racist thing. To all of those not seeing Ember's side of things, you have to keep in mind that in dragon culture, the only culture she's grown up with, dragons are might and powerful, and to be rendered subservient to any other creature rather than lording over it is seen as demeaning and offensive to them. This is largely why dragons don't "get" friendship. It's simply culture clash, something both parties are going to have to be understanding about if they want to come to a peaceable solution over it.

But that being said, I do hope this caused the subject to get brought up on whether or not Spike's actually happy with his role in life. He's clearly content with it in the sense that he hasn't really questioned it in any notable manner, and I do think he's left himself there because he doesn't seem himself ready to, shall we say, branch out elsewhere. But is being Twilight's assistant always and forever really what he wants or is it just what he's used to? Does he perhaps want to try and become his own dragon a bit more than he's had to chance to thus far in his life? It's actually potential for a little mini-life crisis of sorts for Spike.

It can really go both ways, so I hope this story will have the foresight to address them both.

Though the given reasons for Garble being here stand to reason, I find his presence a little shoehorned still, but that's my only real criticism at the moment.

Looking forward to more. :twilightsmile:

7142535 I think Spike understands that before Twilight little toy selling Cadence 2.0 transformation that happened far to easily and far too soon, that he would outlive all the ponies by centuries. Living with Twilight miss I must know everything in the universe and with regular interaction with Princess Celestia I'm sure the topic of life spans has come up at least once. Maybe he figured he would stick by Twilight till her end than go off on his own when he grew too large to live with ponies anymore. Who knows.

I always found Spike at his best when he was on top of things as one hell of an assistant though. Reminds me of Sebastian from Black Butler and also Walter from Hellsing. Although it would be nice to see more of Spikes Dragon side. Nigh impervious scales, ability to survive even lava, incredibly powerful and durable musculature and skeleton. Razor sharp claws and fangs, jaw strength to crush diamonds, heightened predator senses like smell and sight. Magical resistance. Oh and he can breath fire that can melt boulders. Nature's ultimate killing machines. Not to mention super long lifespans. And most can fly and or grow to be the size of castles.
So when Spike melted that giant falling iceberg inthe Crystal Games I was like, its about damn time.:moustache:

He's clearly content with it in the sense that he hasn't really questioned it in any notable manner, and I do think he's left himself there because he doesn't seem himself ready to, shall we say, branch out elsewhere. But is being Twilight's assistant always and forever really what he wants or is it just what he's used to? Does he perhaps want to try and become his own dragon a bit more than he's had to chance to thus far in his life? It's actually potential for a little mini-life crisis of sorts for Spike.


That was certainly well said and well observed. Spike has grumbled about the work that he does more than enough to show that it's not the actual work that he does that is important to him, and his pleasure at having time off shows that he's no workaholic. Instead, it's being useful to Twilight, and to a lesser extent the other mane cast members, that is important to him. It's the only means of agency that he has to participate in their lives. The very legitimate concern that you noted, and which Ember's point of view illustrates in this story, is if this is really what's best for Spike. I appreciate you stating that so concisely, Bright for broaching the topic, and I hope that the show will someday address it as well.

True, but Spikes gonna live a looooooong time. He'll have time to master tons of stuff.

That was great. Would a great future episode.

Can't wait for more!:moustache:

she couldn’t stand to sit there and hear about a proud dragon being reduced to some pampered Pony princess’s lap dog. Was this the “friendship” that Spike and Twilight so espoused?

Don't forget the hero of the Crystal Empire TWICE, and an equestrian prince (Being Twilight's brother?).

Holy shit, I just realized that Spike is BOSS!

"Spike Is Abused" is like a religious thing for some people. Stories where he turns into a superpowered, violent, brooding vigilante will draw high upvotes for the same reason, no matter if the narrative is entirely hypocritical about what it's portraying.

There are a few stories with a nuanced approach. They also tend to get high vote counts; no real surprise since they also tend to be well thought-out and executed.

We've yet to see what Spike has to say about things in this particular example.

We’re leaving these Pony lands, and we’re taking Spike with us. Forever

I am so sorry:derpytongue2:

... Hmmm, going to have to wait to see how this goes, but if your giving it a thumbs up a few chapters down the line, I'll probably give it a read myself.

7151094 I keep hearing of these stories but have yet to read a single one

The former or the latter? Because I can give you at least three links on this site. Probably more.

Interesting opening. Though I hope the misunderstanding won't be kept up too long, because if Ember refuses to accept that Spike likes his life, then I'll lose all sympathy for her. Though the drama tag does have me worried.

Another one of these? Still?:ajbemused:

I mean, this chapter reads like this is just Ember comically misunderstanding things, but instead of a Comedy tag there's a Drama....:unsuresweetie:

7224356 He may like it, but Stockholm is a thing.
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