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Been egging people's houses for the past month? Here's some random stories you may have missed.

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Fire Emblem Fates Review · 12:05pm Nov 2nd, 2016

Hey, guys. Sorry there is not really a Critique Review this week. Real life has been kind of busy with the last few days. Especially this past week. WIth Halloween and the fact that I have a couple members on my team who are just awful to work with. And it’s caused me a lot of stress this week and it’s affected my ability to work on my reviews.

And I’m really sorry about that guys. I hate missing these reviews and I seem to be doing that a lot. And I’m really sorry.

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We miss you buddy. Hope you're okay...

Haven't heard much of you in the past couple months. Been getting a tad concerned.

Is everything okay?

Chechum, my good sir.

Comment posted by NOT VIKTOR STRELNIKOV deleted Nov 2nd, 2016

2148325 I can't see Lightning doing this... He's not bright enough!

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Master List of the Critique Reviews · 6:00pm Jan 18th, 2015

Having trouble find a Critique Review? For your convenience, I have posted this Master List of reviews which I will be updating every week with my reviews. And don't forget to check out my blog every Wednesday for the latest review. Enjoy.

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