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Danger looms over Equestria and Princess Celestia fears for her subjects' lives. With her withering strength she’s incapable of preparing Twilight for what’s to come. In a desperate attempt to protect Equestria, she appoints Discord as Twilight’s mentor.

Can Twilight and Discord overcome their differences and devise a valid defense against the Shadows?

Chapters (5)
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He is such an asshole, but he's absolutely right. Self-reliance is a requirement of being a good friend as well as of being a good mage; if Twilight needs her friends to be able to accomplish anything, then not only is she a burden to them but she can't save them if they need her. While it is important to be able to rely on others and work in groups (a skill Discord himself doesn't have), it's also important to understand exactly what you yourself, on your own, are capable of.

My personal theory is that at her full potential Twilight might actually be up there with Discord, or close to it. She turned her parents into potted plants when she was a little child, without trying, without specifically casting a "turn into potted plants" spell. Magic is chaos (which is why Discord is so damn powerful), but Twilight is inherently bound to order; this is why she is ideal as a cornerstone for harmony, because she can balance the two forces, but because she misperceives harmony *as* order (it doesn't help that Discord presents a counterexample that confuses chaos with disharmony; they're separate forces but he's chosen to exemplify them both at the same time), she's skewed too far to order and it weakens her. Twilight's power levels as Alicorn of Magic (assuming that's what she is; all the other alicorns exemplify something and what else would she be?) might actually outstrip Celestia or Luna eventually, and her ability to work with groups, be a leader, rely on others, and keep things organized and under control gives her abilities Discord will never have; but if she doesn't explore the upper limits of her imagination, if she doesn't recognize the power magic has to break the rules, she will never be able to beat him.


U r absolutely right! Everything you mentioned in ur comment was exactly what I had in mind as I wrote this FimFic. I truly appreciate ur enthusiasm in my work, and just to let u know, there is certainly more to come!:pinkiehappy:

It is not Rainbowdash. It is Rainbow Dash. It disrupted the flow of the story. Otherwise it is good.

3728951 Thank you. I have fixed this error in all my chapters. I appreciate your feedback and hope you'll stay tuned to the rest of this story as it emerges.

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