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“It'll move mountains! It'll mount movements!” ~Sheogorath, Prince of Madness.
“Make sense? Oh, what fun is there in making sense?” ~Discord, Master of Chaos

Two beings from distant worlds, similarities in abundance. One killed by his Champion and set free from the Order that plagued his life. The other reformed by the very powers of Harmony and Friendship that he once despised. The powers of Madness and Chaos are none to be reckoned with, as any creature that’s encountered either could tell you. Separate, they are grand; together, they are endless.

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Liking it so far. :twilightsmile:

I demand there be a, "CHEESE! FOR EVERYONE!" line.

Picture it, all the high upper class ponies in a large dining hall. Celestia Luna Cadence Shining and Discod at the top, the meal is going well when all of a sudden.

Sheogorath appears in the centre of the table, after brief intorduction he notices lack of cheese.


Room rains cheese.

that is sheo all right

Comment posted by glassguy deleted Feb 4th, 2013

2069337 Sheogorath does not sense.
Nor does he make sense.
Nor does.

So is sheo just pure sheo now... no mr. ORDER ORDER ORDER along for the ride?

My two favorite characters finally joining forces, and it is glorious. LET THE MADNESS ENSUE!

2069358 There will be no Jyggalag. But there will be cheese!

Hm I have a sudden urge to eat some cheese.
Or was it to pluck someones eyes out?

2069729 Yes, you should. And my new blog post along with it. :pinkiesmile:

A bit of lore-twisting, but it makes sense I guess. Discord being Celestia's ex-lover is unlikely though, and Sheogorath is just a tad too fixated on cheese.

2070512 he could have ben lunas ex lover


That doesn't exactly seem plausible either.

2070512 Yes. He was also fixated on plucking out eyes, eating brain pie, avoiding the Greymarch, ripping out intestines, etc.
The Greymarch is ended, and the others are just too gorey for the general body of the text. That's why I've chosen cheese as the main obsession. :derpytongue2:


Considering Discord plucked his own eyes out, it can't be too bad.

2070991 Meh, it spawns from looking too far into different Fanon universes, namely the Princess Molestia Tumblr blog. :ajsleepy:


Have you seen Keep Calm and Flutter On?

2071044 In all honesty, I have not.

But no matter. I'm referring to actual gore-based eye-plucking. With blood and other such bodily matters. :pinkiesick:

Finally! The cheese has arrived

by the the nine where the hell am i [dragonborn] when i need me. but oh yeah ummm like the story and be sure to tell me everything in the next chapter.

I find the obsession with cheese excessive to the point of being far out of character and the repetition of quotes unoriginal.

2073769 Hey, we all have opinions. I enjoy the cheese obsession. But if you give it a chapter or two, you might find him a bit more 'in character'. :twilightsmile:

I would of been happy with this guy voicing Discord...Hell it would of made sense really....:pinkiecrazy:

I wholeheartedly approve of the cheese obsession. Good chapter too. Now to find the 'favourite' button.

2076116 Sheogorath's VA would've been good to use, too. But I don't think anyone could beat John de Lancie. He's been playing a psychotic, fun-loving demigod since The Next Generation. :pinkiehappy:

Man I've been waiting for a Fan-Fic like this. :pinkiehappy:

You should watch the episode then.
Here you go. Hopefully, the video itself doesn't get taken down when you get this comment.

Btw, thanks for showing me this fic.

I actually don't like cheese...but this is some good shit

...I must be high. :rainbowderp: I could have sworn I just read something that involved Chaos and Madness having a semi-civilized conversation. *Reads again* Nope, it's real, and It's

2069353 He does have the concept of Time down solid though.

I came to think of Discord and Sheogorath a few days ago then I found this...
Coincedence? I think not! The lords of chaos is planning something for me.

I approve of this: 2077293

And while we're at it:

Sheogorath being my favorite Daedric Prince, I'm very inclined to read this, but I'd like to know how many chapters you plan on having first.

2079609 As many as I need. It could go on forever. It could last only a few. I know where I want to take the story, and what stops I want to make along the way. How long I drag that out depends on the fans' reception of the tale, honestly. :twilightsmile:

2078527Your youtube thing didn't kick in. Please try again.


I usually have a first draft written before publishing a single chapter, but most people don't work that way. That you have some semblance of a plan is reason enough to keep an eye on this.

sweetrolls yo


Such a Story is call for a celebration! And look at that, everyone's already brought the Cheese! Splendid, and here I was worried someone was going to lose their eyes. Not so bad if one were hoping to become Blind Beard the Pirate or be granted permanent handicap parking, but tragic for those who like seeing things. Anyway, excellent first chapter for they are usually the most important in writing a story and I eagerly await the next!

Nice. Three Mac's for you.:eeyup::eeyup::eeyup:

2088375 i see your three macs :eeyup::eeyup::eeyup: and raise you a spikestache :moustache:

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