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im an Aussie 18 yr old, just left school, love ponies(obviously), metal, TF2, Pokemon, Borderlands, Dark Souls and conspiracy theories...


I was once a normal guy, just like you. I went to school, had a Mum, two little brothers, an addiction to the Internet and video games, even friends.

But it was never good enough.

Life was boring. The only fun things to do were to immerse myself in another world, exploring, fighting, protecting the innocent.

It's ironic right?

Over a thousand years ago, I went to a con. I went Cosplaying as a Titan, from Bungie's new hit FPSMMO, Destiny. There was this guy dressed as the merchant from Resident Evil 4, I bumped into him by accident. He had two awesome things that I needed for my Cosplay and didn't have time to make. One was The Last Word, an exotic hand cannon. the other was an Exotic helmet, the Helm of Saint-14.

Eagerly, I took the two items. However, things don't always happen the way you want them to.

I found myself in Equestria, made some friends, and swore to protect them with the new powers that I had.

Little did I know that enemies that only I could defeat were on their way.

Now... All I want is some rest...

But heroes don't get Vacations...

After all... I'm Equestria's Guarding Light... and i'm not gonna let some space monsters hurt my friends... not now... not ever...


This is a League of Humans acting Heroically story, inspired by stories such as The Mighty Warrior of Epicness

FEATURED! Monday 22nd of June 2015! :pinkiegasp: *happiness* *Celebratory Headbang along to Disturbed's song; Ten Thousand Fists*

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This story is looking good so far, I've always liked Chryssie as -at least- a neutral character, you can never find that many characters with the same type of personality that aren't evil. Good luck:twilightsmile:.

5156126 thank you :twilightsmile: always felt that her circumstances were not good enough, heck, she was thrown off equestrian land because she had to go to an extreme in order to keep her species alive :applejackunsure: always felt that the Changelings should have been handled differently

Yep, I've always been partial to the love/power drunk idea, the original plan being to replace Cadance either temporarily or permanently to feed her people but got drunk off love and got a little power hungry.:twilightsheepish:

" The first, was a unicorn named Chocolate Swirl, he was the son of Starswirl the Bearded and was extremely talented in the art of chaos magic.
Chocolate approached the Guardian and offered him a stick of cotton candy and a glass of chocolate milk."
Discord pony anyone?
Also, love the RvB reference. That has to be one of my favorrite lines from those two XD I couldn't not read Grif's lines in Geoffs voice :3

"ERROR! Twilight.EXE has encountered a problem. Would you like to send a crash report?"
That's why she should get an ssd

Also, you're playing Dark Souls 2? Ok, so I won't expect a new story for a few decades

5158810 :rainbowlaugh: been there, done that with DS2, if i wasn't strapped for money I would be well on with my 3rd run of the story after blitzing the DLC

the main problems you may have with waiting for a chapter are my low chances to write peacefully and playing Destiny/BL:tPS :rainbowlaugh:

also, just wait and see with good 'ol Choc Swirl, my stages of magic have yet to be explained :trixieshiftleft: but i'll give you a hint, who else has the trademark of cotton candy and chocolate milk :trollestia:

I could totally see her ancestors being skilled in chaos magic XD

5162965 i dont think you got what i said properly... who uses cotton candy rainclouds? :trollestia:

5162975 I would've thought Pinkie...

5163993 my 'four levels of magic mastery' will be explained in either the next chapter or the one after, and then things will become clear as Crystalmancy :twilightsmile:

Hat was the worst exposition ever....
...of all time...

Jk, just wanted to make the RvB refference. Although the expostition was a littlerushed its still a cool looking story. Good luck!

5172803 admittedly, yeah, it was a bit rushed. i'm not all that good with lengthening things out :twilightsheepish: always preferred to get right to the point when writing or talking, guess i need to get rid of that habit

Yo this day, the only pony to know that he is not a simple story, is myself.

As soon as I read 'Yo' Celestia started speaking like some two bit gangster. And as good as that is for making me laugh my arse off, it's a bit Jarring from the story. Anyway I'm not sure if I'll follow this too closely, but it doesn't seem bad, so who knows? Keep it up. :twilightsmile:

may you please write moar chapters?

5317932 I would, but i've been caught up in the rush to hit 30 in Destiny, aswell as playing Theatrythm Curtain Call and Pokemon Alpha Sapphire :twilightsheepish:

(goddamn Zubat stealing the Clever contest victory from my Gallade with a well timed Leech Life)


...Just a question, British, or Australian? :ajsmug:

5329042 Australian :rainbowlaugh: also, see my previous comment as to why I have not posted 'MOAR' :twilightsmile:



...Mmkay, let me rephrase that,




Do what ever it takes...




5366915 i shall try and pry myself away from the Dark Below, but it's gonna be hard, I have some VERY pushy raid buddies :twilightsheepish:

Uh, sorry, just realized how many people are hounding you for another chapter,
Take your sweet time, and good luck!

5370098 nah, its all good, i've been trying to get myself to update this and my Dark Souls story, but I havent really had the time, in addition to friends pushing me into keeping up with them in Destiny :rainbowlaugh:

5371650 NICE STORY SO FAR! HOLY F*** also, you may not recognize me but im agentukelele

5406634 been a while :twilightsmile: sorry that i have been unable to update MHP recently... still don't know how to do the aftermath of the whole 'Flash getting horribly mauled by a Qurupeco' stuff :applejackunsure:

5406828 well, again, is this a one man story? because i want my hunter in this.

5413016 well, it's a Displaced fic, so if you're confident enough to write your own, then we can collab on a few things :twilightsmile:

Otherwise, sorry mate, I have enough back story and characters to keep my hands full :twilightoops:

Gizoogled for your pleasure:
"Princess, can you tell me a story?"
"Of course Twilight, n' I have tha slick rap fo' you"
Back up in tha day, up in tha distant past, there was a warrior yo. Dude was known as tha Guardian.
Da Guardian rocked up outta nowhere, a funky-ass bipedal creature bustin full armor, wieldin weaponz of bangin magic, n' wit a cold-ass lil companion, known simply as Ghost.
When tha Guardian first rocked up, ponies was frightened of him, as dat schmoooove muthafucka had defeated a pimped out dragon dat threatened all of Equestria single handedly.
But fuck dat shiznit yo, tha word on tha street is dat there was five ponies whom was not afraid of his muthafuckin ass. Da first, was a unicorn named Chocolate Swirl, da thug was tha lil hustla of Starswirl tha Bearded n' was mad talented up in tha art of chaos magic.
Chocolate approached tha Guardian n' offered his ass a stick of cotton candy n' a glass of chocolate milk.
Da Guardian accepted tha gift from tha eccentric colt, n' tha two quickly hit it off, becomin fast playas.
Chocolate Swirlz playaz quickly came up ta tha pair n' introduced theyselves ta tha Guardian.
Their names was Luna Evermore, tha Supa-Hoe of tha Moon, Chrysalis Cocoon, bizzatch of tha Chizzlelin Hives, Sombra Dusk of tha Crystal Empire n' Celestia Evermore, Supa-Hoe of tha Sun.
Thatz you Princess!
Hmhmhm, fo'sho, I was playaz wit tha Guardian, Twilight. Now, ta continue mah story.
Da six quickly became phat playas. But fuck dat shiznit yo, tha word on tha street is dat tha Guardianz five playaz eventually had ta go they separate ways. Chocolate furthered his studies up in chaotic energies, Chrysalis became Biatch of a hive, Sombra continued his studies up in Crystalmancy n' finally, mah Sista n' I had ta take tha throne of Equestria.
Many muthafuckin years passed while tha Guardian protected Equestria from Dragons n' other nasty thangs.
But fuck dat shiznit yo, tha word on tha street is dat all phat thangs must come ta a end.
Creaturez of tha Darknizz arrived, locked n loaded ta snuff up tha Light of all of Equestria. They came wieldin weapons ta rival tha Guardianz own.
And tha Guardian fought them, all by his dirty ass.
Da fightin stopped afta all dem years. But fuck dat shiznit yo, tha word on tha street is dat not a god damn thang was heard from tha Guardian again. I aint talkin' bout chicken n' gravy biatch. Well shiiiit, it is holla'd he fell tha fuck fightin tha minionz of tha Darknizz afta preventin dem from eva returning.
Da Guardian faded tha fuck into myth, n' then legend yo, but it ain't no stoppin cause I be still poppin'. To dis day, tha only pony ta know dat he aint a simple story, is mah dirty ass.
A slight wind whipped round tha Canterlot Castle gardens, forcin tha Guardz stationed there ta stay alert wit tha chill it carried wit dat shit. Da two guardz did not wear they traditionizzle armor dis night, swappin it fo' winta coats, n' you can put dat on yo' toast. there was two of dem stationed there dis night.
"Do you eva wonder why our crazy asses here?" tha straight-up original gangsta one axed his thugged-out lil' partner, da thug was a orange coated pegasus.
"Well..." started tha second, whom was a maroon unicorn.
"No" stated tha first. "Don't start dat again, you know exactly what tha fuck I mean Simmons." Da maroon unicorn, Simmons, frowned at his thugged-out lil' partner before bustin lyrics again.
"Grif, I was goin ta say dat I don't give a fuck why tha bizzatch posted our asses up in tha gardens" Simmons holla'd, blastin a glare at his thugged-out lil' partner.
"Oh..." holla'd tha orange pegasus, Grif. Da two stood there up in silence fo' another minute before Grif was rappin again.
"Y'know, dat statue looks straight-up weird, I wonder why tha Supa-Hoe keeps it here?" he asked, Simmons shrugged.
"Dunno, apparently itz a memorial" da perved-out muthafucka holla'd before lookin all up in tha moon, calculatin tha time.
"C'mon, I be thinkin our shift is over" Simmons holla'd, openin tha door ta go back inside. Grif instantly smiled.
"Finally dawwwwg! I though we would never go back inside!" he exclaimed before struttin inside next ta his thugged-out lil' partner.
Da slight breeze caused a leaf ta fall on tha memorial statue tha two was rappin about. Dat shiznit was a marble statue of a funky-ass bipedal warrior bustin full armor up in a heroic pose. Well shiiiit, it held up in itz hand a object dat straight-up few ponies would know tha name of yo, but t'was a bangin weapon. I aint talkin' bout chicken n' gravy biatch. By itz shoulder, suspended by a lil' small-ass pillar of clear glass, was a gangbangin' floatin magical construct.
Etched on tha base of tha statue was a seriez of lyrics
In honor of tha Guardian n' his Ghost, they protected Equestria from tha Darkness, wieldin only they Light
-----Years Later, 1AT (Afta Tirek)-----
Somewhere, deep underneath tha Everfree forest sat a stone statue. Dat shiznit was a funky-ass bipedal warrior, clad up in armor, up in a pose dat was rappin of a warrior fightin fo' his wild lil' freakadelic game from a gangbangin' fucked up foe.
Da stone cracked slightly, n' a funky-ass bright light burst forth.

A destiny crossover? Yey. Didn't really like the game but a fic sounds awesome.

5414960 My god. You are, quite possibly, one of my favorite people right now. Thank you for that, that was bloody magnificent. Now excuse me whilst I try not to die of laughter.

5413627 OH I AM! but the question is maybe we can send suggestions to each other though?

5417399 sure, i would be happy to do that mate :twilightsmile:

5415023 bit curious... but what about Destiny didn't you like? :derpyderp1:

it kinda plays like just about any other mmo to me, except the whole 'fps' thing... and trust me, i've played a few in my time

Well my friend and I got it right about when it came out and ground through it for a day and half. After playing it for a while I realized the missions were all rather grindy boring copies and the storyline might as well have been replaced with "bla bla, Kill everything". Not only that but the bosses were boring NPCs with no challenge beyond hide behind a rock and wait for the sequence of shots to end.
On the technical side there was no split screen support which really rustled my Jimmy's since the commercials of the game implied it as something to get three friends together to kick alien ass.

Overall for something coming from the developers of Halo I felt really disappointed.

5420970 :facehoof: you realize that mostly simple bosses and grindy story missions is what makes an MMO right? I mean, despite being a 343 production, those are kinda the cornerstone of the type of game they're making.

every single MMO I have played utilizes these tactics to make the game simple enough to be played by anyone. but also, late game content (aka the Raids) use features that nothing else in the game has, to keep it interesting.

to be completely honest, i didn't go into Destiny expecting a story driven shoot-em-up like Halo, I went into it completely expecting a level/gear grinding mmorpg with elements borrowed from Halo.

also, simple question, how many proper MMOs have you played? and games like Planetside 2 and World of Tanks don't count because they are technically like Battlefield or Call of Duty's multiplayer modes, I mean games like Perfect World and World of Warcraft.

This Chapter is pretty good, can't wait for more.

Destiny wasn't by 343. It was made by Bungie and Activision... On a side note, when I saw that I only had one thought; It's the video game worlds version of the United States and Russia joining forces.

5478054 yeah, i had forgotten that 343 and bungie were different companies at that time, mostly because 343 took over for Halo 4 onwards, and my mind just swapped the names automatically :rainbowlaugh:

Wow great chapter it flows very nicely. Can't wait for the next one.

O and first

YOU FOOL! Do you not realise what you have done?! You have doomed us all!

5536296 Not really, but I'll grab some popcorn what ever is going to happen should be fun to watch.

Looks good. Faved and upped.

Great chapter. I will be expecting nothing but epicness from this story.


So you live in Florida?

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