• Published 18th Oct 2014
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A Guarding Light - LakieLegion

Adventure, its all I ever wanted. Ironically, once I landed in Equestria after heading to a con and getting given something from this shifty RE4 merchant guy, all I have really wanted, is for the tide of baddies to stop. atleast for a while...

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Flashback Sequence Part 2

The Dragon stared at me incredulously, almost as if I was some oddity to him.

And then he burst into laughter.

"Hahahahaha! you would be barely a mouthful to me puny creature! So I shall save myself some trouble and roast you now!" it said, using a normal dialect instead of it's native tongue. A low growl came from the back of it's throat, before a torrent of flame jetted forth.

I closed my eyes tightly, afraid of what was to come next.

But the searing heat never came.

I opened my eyes a bit to see what had happened, and what greeted me shocked me.

Around me was a, seemingly, impenetrable purple dome, as the flames were licking around it but not going through. It was then that a voice sounded in my head, a familiar voice.

Listen, Guardian, we don't have time for me to repeat myself at the moment, your Ward of Dawn will not last too long. All you have to do is think of activating your Heads up Display and everything will come to you it stated, a slight mechanical echo in it, I did as it stated, thinking of activating a HuD.

In front of my eyes, a familiar interface sprung up. Along the top of my view was a white bar, and in the bottom left of it were five icons and a bar that was slowly filling up with white, next to three of the icons were numbers.

Instantly, I knew what I was looking at.

The HuD of Destiny.

Thinking quickly, I thought of equipping the weapon that I thought was equipped in the 'primary' slot, just like I did when activating the HuD. It was that moment that I felt an unfamiliar, yet strangely suitable shape in my grasp. I brought my hand into my view and my eyes widened.

In my hand was a beautifully crafted tool of death, dark steel with golden detailing, a wooden grip and a golden slide of sorts. The words 'Tex Mechanica' were engraved along the barrel and detailed with gold.

I was holding The Last Word.

I let the wooden grip sit comfortably in my right hand as I rested my trigger finger along the trigger housing just like I had seen in all the movies.

As I had the hand cannon resting in my hand comfortably, the torrent of flames licking the shield stopped. Vulnahkriid looked dumbfounded at the sight of the purple dome.

"What!? No Unicorn shield spells can stand against my flame! How!?" the beast questioned. I smirked, knowing that it would not be able to see it.

"I told you, mr Vulnahkriid, I'm just a humble Guardian. Who's gonna kick your ass to protect this town from your rampage" I stated before charging for the beast, catching him off guard.

Remember, Grenades are also thought activated. And for your Disintegrate skill, all you have to do is punch a foe the voice informed me, echoing through my head, I mentally thanked him for the information as I threw my left fist forwards into Vulnahkriid's nose.

The great beast flinched backwards with the force of the punch. Using the great dragon as leverage, I jumped high, then, I forcefully threw my feet at Vulnahkriid's face, drop-kicking the beast in the snout. Coming out of the kick, I flipped myself back onto my feet.

Looks like all the combat training I used to help slim me down really paid off, didn't it?

Vulnahkriid roared in pain at his seemingly broken snout, bringing a clawed hand up to it. As it came away, a spot of the dragon's thick blood left his nose atop a gleaming white claw. The beast snarled at it's much smaller foe.

"Mey! For that crime I shall gut you alive!" Vulnahkriid snarled as he swiped at me with a claw. I quickly ducked the sweeping blow as I brought The Last Word up, lining it up with the Drake's left eye.

"Bad move" I growled back as I pulled the trigger.

The Last Word agreed with me, chiming in to the conversation with a deafening 'BANG'. The projectile flew out at speeds exceeding the speed of sound as it sunk deep into the beast's eye, making the sight-giving orb implode in a gory display.

Vulnahkriid roared in equal parts rage and pain as he brought his claw up to the messy remains of his left eye.

"Rax Wah Ruus! You win this time puny one, but I shall return and destroy you! Tiid Bo Viing!" snarled the great beast as it flung itself into the air, before he turned tail and started flying away. I cursed. Until I realized something, If I had the HuD and my personal favorite firearm, would I have access to everything else I had in the game?

Do I have access to the Truth rocket launcher? I asked inwardly to my new friend.

Yes, you have access to all your gear the voice replied, grinning to myself, I mentally gave the command to switch The Last Word hand cannon for the Truth rocket launcher. Spreading my legs wide and taking a firing stance for the large over-the-shoulder weapon, I lined the sights up with the fleeing reptile and pulled the trigger thrice, adjusting the aim slightly for each rocket so that they would not collide in mid-air.

The three missiles immediately recognized the heat signature of the fleeing drake and aggressively tracked his movements.

Three large explosions erupted around the beast, concussing him with enough force to make him crash into a field just outside of town. At that moment, something clicked in my mind, I may have just killed a living creature, that could have had a family.

Immediately, I sprinted for the place the great fire-breathing creature landed.


Vulnahkriid had landed a short ways away from the village, far enough out that he would not crush any buildings, but close enough that I could see that he was still breathing.

I approached the wounded beast and he looked up at me. The proud look in his eyes had vanished, and it was replaced with the pleading eyes of a creature that had realized that he was not the predator in this encounter, but the prey.

"Orin brit ro. such Irony. 'Tis usually I in your place Guardian. Kill me, I wish for no disgrace to my name for losing a battle against grik mal paal, a foe smaller than myself." The once proud dragon stated, his head down in defeat and sorrow, I frowned.

"No" I stated. Shocked, Vulnahkriid looked up at me in surprise. "I shall not kill you, proud dragon, as to claim such a victory would dishonor myself. I lashed out in fury because you were throwing away lives for fun. I would be no better than you" I explained. Vulnahkriid looked down once more. I reached my hands up to my helmet, fumbling around, I found the latch to remove the piece of armor.

I threw it to the ground, before looking at Vulnahkriid once more, our eyes met as I frowned at the downed beast.

"I do not wish to kill you at all, but what I do wish, is for you to live, and change. I know that dragons have the capacity in their hearts to be kind. So live, and become something more than a killer" I said, Vulnahkriid looked me straight in the eye once more, before grinning and flaring his wings.

"Ro laan. 'Tis a fair request. Mu los do gein Thu'um. I accept your terms, and shall live to change. Erei un grind. Until we meet again. Lok, Thu'um" he said, giving me a formal bow before using his wings to propel himself into the air. He looked back down at me before speaking once more.

"Fos los hi for? what is thy name? I wish to tell my spawn of our meeting" the proud drake asked, I smiled back up to him.

"My name is Ian, or Ofanaatdorah in Dovahzul!" I called out to my new friend. He frowned slightly, as if wondering how I know enough of his language to give myself a name in Dovahzul.

"That statement brings up many more questions about you, Ofanaatdorah, but I shall ask them voknau un grind, upon our next meeting, until then, Paaz shul grind, Pruzah wundunne!" Vulnahkriid called out before flying away.

I stood on that place for a while, smiling in Vulnahkriid's direction well after the proud beast had long since faded into the horizon, wondering what sorts of adventure I would encounter in this world unlike my own.