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Manual Control


Sorry for the slow updates... :( · 10:40pm Mar 8th, 2016

Really sorry there hasn't been a chapter in a while. Writer's block sucks, especially when it's accompanied by a general Artist Block where I can't even think of pictures or songs to make...

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No problem! You literally had me in tears during the first chapter, and that is a rare thing.

Thanks for adding Blank to your favorites!

Comment posted by Toffee Bean deleted Sep 25th, 2015

Right. Last chance, stop commenting here. If you are sane enough to use the internet, you are sane enough to understand the following line.

The next time you comment here, I will delete it. No exceptions.

1964978 who said there was any logic you should do your homework on people. I'm a crazy person, my logic makes no sense you see. I'm a poet who writes poetry well i have no idea, but as for being nice yeah sure i get mad, sure i get pissed, but i always say I'm sorry. it hurts me when people don't forgive me. it makes me cry..............i cry over stupid stuff, i'm a cry baby

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