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Manual Control

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Pretty cool so far. Editing needed though.

Yeah, that's gonna be the next thing on the list. :)

6568779 Even without the editing, this has some interesting possibilities.
I'll follow.

"Someone's going to have a holiday named after them!"

"...why is there a changeling here?"

*centuries later*

"Happy Drone 3725 Day everyone!"

I actually like it so far, it's got a very interesting idea and there's only been a few very minor grammar issues that I've come across

i'm not that impressed, but i'm willing to give it a shot.

A shot is all I ever ask for, good sir. :)

Looks really interesting so far, looking foward to the next chapter.

Finally a NationStates Gamer! I am a avid player as well, let's say I am in the Pacific ;)

I love it so far my friend :) can't wait for more!

6570506 This intrigues me, trade ya my token for dual citizenship?

Maybe after Elysium Is rebuilt and After some towns are settled, Eh? :ajsmug:

6571631 Done, in exchange, in addition to my token, I shall grant you a special honor.

But let's see um... If I remember correctly, it's June 23, 1345.

So I'm guessing Twilight is over 300 years old now and the rest of the Mane Six died of old age assuming that this calendar is based on when Nightmare Moon was banished and seeing as there is no Mane Six tag (Normally in most stories I see that involve humans the Mane Six always get involved in one way or another).

Actually, I was just pulling a random date outta my ass. But that does sound good, just not something for me. Only reason the Mane 6 tag isn't there is because, if I remember correctly, I can only use five of them. :twilightsheepish:

It SEEMS to be a bit rushed but considering where you are in the story and what's going on I can't really tell.
As expected of tia, her first thought is to suppress all knowledge that a land of myth and lore had resurfaced. Typical bureaucracy! Anything to keep the status quo.

Considering you previously said Elysium was a hub of hyper-advanced technologies, of which the other cultures could only salvage and reverse-engineer some, I'll assume his technological woes stem more from the city having been picked clean, and he also wishes to know how much closer the others have come to what his city-nation was at its pinnacle.

seems alright to me, don't feel rushed to me.

Actually, You're completely correct!

Liking it so far, loved how it didn't just dump the backstory on us, and I really like Dominic so far for some reason. :trollestia:

:trixieshiftleft:I feel something fishy here:trixieshiftright:

6601519 celestia always knows more than he appears never say completely the truth
I'm not very good at English but what I read in the story the protagonist got trapped BY ACCIDENT
It sounds a bit fishy
Elysium now disbanded because I am more than convinced that Blackburn had competent assistants who could manage well Elysium. if for some reason he was absent
Now if celestia was his friend because I organized a search
and because going with a contingent of 25 guards if they are friends to me is just an excuse
ok maybe I'm exaggerating and my assumptions are wrong
and I've seen too many chapters of the secret files x
greetings and good luck
ps great story

Thanks to you, I started playing NationStates, it's awesome!

There will be many others wishing to take advantage of this situation, one of which is to perhaps kill or capture Blackburn. Though if his Golem army is still considered the elite of fighting forces, it would be rather humorous.

Though he may be quite sad to hear that the Griffons are in poorer times as well, perhaps not unified without their idol as before and no royalty.

Maybe later on when this damnable writers block is gone... And after Blackburn sends his token...

6669892 Sweet, did you enjoy my story?

So far, yes I am. Really hope it works out for you and doesn't get cancelled like some other ones I enjoyed. :twilightsmile:

good things come to those who wait

He probably absolutely wrecks house as the Space Marine faction in WH40K

Actually, He's more of and Imperial Guard fan. :raritywink: Golems are the cheep equivalent, but actual lives must be spared as much as possible.

6674589 But the imperial guard's tactics are to throw as many soldiers at the monsters as they can and hope the monster drowns in blood

Though I can see why he would choose them

I could bring up a few examples for the contrary, But I think you already know them. :ajsmug:

Damn, you caught on to quickly. Then again... I'm sure the 40k group can help me out here... :duck:

6678505 I'm a tau player myself, I don't really like too many of the fancy "Capture these command points" Missions, I prefer good old-fashioned TDMs

Crush them!:flutterrage: Crush them into the earth under earthen boots!

Can't wait for the next chapter, it's a very good story

Who are the bandits? Minotaurs..? Diamond Dogs...? Damnit I hate cliffhangers I wanna find out NOW.! I want MOAR!:flutterrage:

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