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1548978 Huh. I never did try playing Sicily. I also never bothered to ally with them and usually made them my first target in Southern Europe because they would always betray me.

You are both correct and incorrect seeing as the picture is small and it may be hard to see some of the small details in it. Yes the colors for the Teutonic knights are white on black but no those are actually knights that come from Sicily in M2TW (You can tell by the Coat of Arms on the banner that's in the middle of the knights or the Coat of Arms that's on some of the armor the knights wear).
(Here's a better view of the picture)
And here's a comparision of a painting of the Teutonic Knights and the M2TW Teutonic knights.

If I'm not mistaken, those are the Teutonic Knights. Templar are White on red, Hospitaller are black on white, and Teutonic are white on black.

1353142 No problem

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