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Hey there! Need help with writing? Need help with personal stuff? We're here to help!

We may not be the boldest or the best of the writers out there, but we're half decent. Join and submit and one of our members will give your story a read and a comment. We will try to help as best we can.

If you're feeling personally low, just talk on our "Here to help" thread. We are waiting with some sage advice and open understanding.

If you're just here to goof around, that's cool too! Post any thread you want on the forum as long as it's SFW

I'm the Light of Triumph, and anypony who joins gets a follow from yours truly!:raritywink:

We proud. We few. We dorky.

We Knights in Rusty Armor.

(ps: If you're wondering where I got the name from)

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a knight in shining armor is a man who has never had his metal truly tested

This sounds like a pretty cool group:scootangel:!

Okay, I won't lie. This group sounds awesome.

385019 I have tons of factories (at least 50 that pump out almost 10,000 of my guys per day), and MIRAAK'S armor, not to mention two legendarily powerful sacred swords. I suggest you bow, mortal.

385016 Well, if you're powerful on your own, how do you get even more power?

A wise man, or stallion, or some of those other things- A wise one once told me that there's strength in numbers.

Besides, dude. Terminators. Everyone else has, like, the Mongolian Empire army, and I have the army of the 4th millenium.

375395 I don't need an army, I can take everything on no problem at all!

378201 I actually changed the banner to that a while ago. I don't actually know who did it, but I liked it as well.

Who did the banner? It's amazing!

376185 Japanese or Jedi Robes for me.

I love how everyone's army looks middle-aged and stuff, while my army's comprised of f***ing Terminators. :rainbowlaugh:
Hell, even my armor's middle-aged looking!

So, I've got my armor.
Well, I don't know about you, but...

Here's my army (or a small legion of it):

373660 Actually, they are saying "Grond" not "Grog".

Heck the groups title alone makes me want to join.

As the saying goes.

A Knight in Shining Armor is a Knight that has never had his metal truly tested.

Eh, I'm willing to help

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