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By the time you see me, its too late. I'm gone and you have perished. Glimpses are hard to come by when seeking the Lone Wolves of the Light


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Pointless Opinions

Best Mane 6: Twilight Sparkle
Reason: Magic
Best Villain: Chrysalis
Reason: Changelings are awesome
Worst Villain: Discord
Reason: Now a good guy
Best Background Pony: Doctor Whooves
Reason: Pony version of The Doctor
Most Mysterious Character: Blue
Reason: Complete Mystery
Best Princess: Twilight Sparkle
Reason: Magically became princess
Other stuff to be added later...

Famous Last Words

This is a list of funny last words that me and my family came up with. If you have any more, feel free to contact me about them.

1. Did you hear that?
2. Where'd everyone go?
3. Its not poison.
4. It wasn't me!
5. Here, I'll demonstrate.
6. What's in the hole?
7. Stop saying that!
8. Doctor Who?
9. I can fly!
10. Here, I'll prove it to you.
11. There are no monsters under your bed.
12. Oh, shiny!
13. Bunny!
14. What?
15. Oh, so that's what the red button does.
16. What's behind door number one?
17. I must be dreaming.
18. Who's there?
19. Its a pipe bomb!
20. Yaaaaaay!
21. Where are you?!
22. Mommy!
23. Your other left!
24. There are no such things as monsters.
25. Death, is only the beginning.
26. I didn't know mushrooms could grow so big.
27. Give him a kick. (Inception)
28. I didn't see anything.
29. All right, but this is the last one.
30. Can't... hold... on... much... LOOOONNGGEEEERRRR.
31. Hold my beer, and grab a camera.
32. I GOT IT, I GOT IT!!!
33. Hey, look at that!
34. I wonder what's behind this door...
35. Hey, this isn't so bad...

Know this...

One day soon, in the future, there will be a day where all you know about and care about will change. Until then, I'll be watching you.

~Bill Cipher
Gravity Falls episode 19 - Dreamscapers

They Got Published, Didn't They?

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Another Reading of "Somepony (we shall not speak his name) Tried to Stop The Adorableness of Fluttershy" · 7:05pm Aug 8th, 2017

Hello! I know its been quite a long while since a blog

or anything for that matter

But I'm still here. And someone has decided to do a reading of my story again!

Not the same person, but you know. Its a thing.

Anyway Here is a link to the video he has done. Check it out and give him some kind of love, I dunno.

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The author seems to have died seven years ago, making later generations remember her.

Life has established direct contact

2311663 I'm not in direct contact with life.

2311360 Then could you please ask life to explain it to me? I don't have a clue how I ended up transmogrifying lemons into grapes, much less how I made juice without any kind of juice press.

2311298 Life already knows.

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