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Though the mirror pond incident had been resolved, the book that had once been hidden remains. What secrets lie within those pages?

Coverart by RedApropos

Chapters (5)
Comments ( 10 )

I hope you continue this.

Looks good! I will be following closely. Can't wait till next chapter. :moustache:

i remember reading thsi somewhere before, long b efore now.

I had published this before but due to drunk antics I had accidently deleted it
This is the republish

The telepathy I get, but why the ghost ponies? Wouldn't the ghost Rainbow Dash just be up there doing tricks? How can you even have a ghost when you're right over there alive?

Oh I get it now.

Finally! Another chapter! Its been a month! Update again soon, please!

BUT WHAT ABOUT THE GEM CAKE? Was it ever put in the fridge?!:fluttershbad:

I would've said that I was looking forward to the next chapter, but this story hasn't been updated in 11 months. Oh well.
It was fun while it lasted.

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