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Encouragement · 9:24pm May 20th

Time flies by rather quick when you think about it. My Little Pony Friendship is Magic has been on for close to a decade, and season nine will be the final season of MLPFIM.

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Comment posted by RedShirt047 deleted Aug 3rd, 2016

Do you like pie? I like pie too, anyway,

Happy Random Follow Day!

Feel free to return it (Or not)

Thanks, I will be sure to check that group out.

Wow, seriously?
I get the honor of being the first one to post here? :pinkiehappy:
Well, I read your post in Clopfics and you peaked my curiosity enough to follow that back to your user page. It seems like you are a man that is really dedicated to your craft.
If you want to join a community of like minded individuals, feel free to meander on over to OEE, don't think you could go wrong there. Even the best of writers never endeavor to produce their whole novel alone. They get help. and there's no shame in that, especially with your ambitions.
Anyways, whatever you decide to do, I hope you enjoy everything this site has to offer. I know I'm just a random from the internet, but don't be afraid to reach out and get some help. (well I suppose you've already done that somewhat, but still)
See you around, perhaps! :twistnerd:

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