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A girly girl lover of books, anime, mlp, manga and gaming. I specialise in IT and have a great interest in art. I do these as a hobby and hopefully as a profession in the near future (´・ω・`)


Sequels and More · 3:17pm Apr 7th, 2015

I'll be making a sequel to this story soon, but first I'll upload a different story inbetween, maybe a couple. Til then

Hope you have fun reading! :3


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Thank you so much for the follow!! I'm glad to see we share similar interests. :twilightsmile:

2236695 aw thanks!! hahaha, & No problem :pinkiehappy:

2236516 Love with a Twist and Po-Ni-Oh! were AWESOME!! i really liked them! ☺

And thank you for the follow back. Your pic is very kawaii indeed.:rainbowkiss:

2236511. Ah, thank you. Any stories in particular?:twilightblush:

2209790 Ya wrote some great stories hahaha, seriously though.

Thanks for the follow:pinkiehappy:. Did I do something awesome and not know it? :twilightblush:

>> King Moriarty Thanks for the honour,!! (*^_^*)

2103046 Thank you very much. And by the way, feel free to state your thoughts on any given fic, no matter how good or bad. Good feedback is worth a hundred favorites.

2062209 Your usage of language i find very nice. It's effective, descriptive and i generally like the plots of the fics I've read from you so far.

I have to say your writing skills are great!!, keep it up!! (≧∇≦)

A new follower? So cool!

What was it that caught your attention?

1869707 no problem!, your stories are great! :3

I know this is mega late ^^ But thank you so much for watching me, i'm glad you enjoy my stories and hope you continue to!-FE:heart:

1653024 No problem!! you're very welcome!! :pinkiehappy:

Thank so much for the favorite on "Dashing For Pie". I appreciate it very much!

thanks for the fave!

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