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Where the hay are the updates? · 3:18am Jan 23rd, 2017

Long time no-post, I guess. To put it blunt, I feel burned out on writing. This isn't to say I give up, but more that updates are gonna be exceedingly slow for a bit as I'm dealing with real life stuff at the moment. I'm in my final semester of college, and the 2nd to last class is really working me over. I hope I can pass the class. Still, there is a bit of doubt in my mind as the material is tough.

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Well that took a long time · 2:01am Jan 13th, 2016

Opened my mail today to see that Diary of the Banished got rejected from The Royal Guard. I expect rejection anymore, yet what surprised me was the fact I got an actual response with some critiques. At this point, I fell ambivalent towards the criticisms. It's through writing that I get a great sense of pleasure and crave this type of interaction to better myself as a writer. It is through critiques that a person can grow themselves. The other side of me feels a bit miffed. I feel miffed

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Slow Updates (Possible Mini-Hiatus) · 2:09am Sep 23rd, 2015

To reiterate what was stated in the previous blog, real life comes first. Though it's only two classes, I'm really engrossed with one class that requires a good 75% of my attention due to its difficulty. Story update wise, I have some concept down for Diary of the Banished and Full Bloom.

In terms of writing, I'll be doing stories for the EQD writing prompts but nothing much beyond that unless time allows for it. I'll keep things updated when I can.

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Updates coming · 10:20pm Jul 31st, 2015

I want to apologize to the readers who are expecting updates to several of my stories. Real life comes first, as is the motto, so I'm having to put off my stories for a little bit. With all of that being said however, there are updates coming. After my finals next week, I will have some free time to start working on my stuff again.

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The Path · 6:45pm May 19th, 2015

I'm not as nervous as I was for one event, but this ranks up there. In a long time ago in this galaxy on this planet not too far away, I had a goal. My goal was to be a Geneticist. The dream was to earn a Masters in Chemistry with a doctorate in genetics. I failed. Now I aim to correct my failure, my mistake.

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The blog time forgot · 10:23pm Mar 28th, 2015

Time for a blog/update/post/whatever for those that are curious. I thought it would be appropriate since I want to give an idea of what is on the table for this amateur writer. Long story short, things have changed. I got a job, didn't like it, and I quit the job. My current notion is to go back to school and use my degree to get something under my belt to find more meaningful employment. Also, I'll be taking some writing courses to hopefully make my material even better, though I doubt

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Updates · 5:29pm Apr 15th, 2014

I'm not one to post blogs and such, so I will be brief.

1. I have a couple stories in the works. These stories will be pushed out during May when things, luck permitting, settle down for me. One story will be my first venture into adult literature. It's something I cooked up a while back, and then put on the back burner. I hope it will be a decent story, and it won't be just a smut piece.

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Nothing New, Still being Blue · 1:13pm Nov 6th, 2013

I have nothing to really say beyond what has been said. Real Life is bearing down on me. When I get time to write something, I find myself needing to relax by playing games. When I get that "itch" to write, I find myself too tired and have to sleep. Derpy Delivers A Pizza maybe the only story I put out for some time. I might be able to put out some more stories if I get some time when December rolls around. That is a big "if" since I need to find a job.

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Updates · 9:45pm Oct 26th, 2013

I'll keep this short and sweet for those who are curious. To put it bluntly, I have to take care of someone right now that I cherish. There isn't a lot I can reveal or want to reveal, but, as said, I need to take care of them right now.

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Long time no Update · 3:57pm Jul 29th, 2013

It seems the only thing I can do as of late is apologize. The Real World still has that firm strangle hold on my life as i've reached 30. For me, it feels like a mile stone that I am happy to celebrate, due to my family's history. This celebration is a double-edged sword, however, since it only causes me to look back at the happier times I had with things. The world appeared brighter for me, I found happiness within things that once believed lost, and that spark returned to my life. Just

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