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Red Shirt fragrance instills confidence, showing the universe your strength, your valor, your devotion to living each day as though it could be your last.

And all this time I thought I was Neutral Good

D&D Alignment Test

Your Alignment:
Lawful Good, eh? I hope you're proud of yourself. It's easy to live by the rules, but not so easy to have a strong conscience. It takes a special kind of person to be able to do both and not go insane.
It's possible that you are a bit holier-than-thou, but not necessarily. At least you mean well. Way to go!


Happy 50th Anniversary · 5:11am Sep 8th, 2016

50 years ago today, the very first episode of Star Trek aired.

Now for those of you that haven't watched Star Trek..... Why? Go out there and watch it. After all, it's been going strong this long.

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Star Trek (1966-????)

Inspirational Video

Starfleet Officers in a Nutshell.

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My screen name is Redshirt and I have a TOS era Starfleet logo with the Starfleet Corps of Engineers logo in it as my avatar...

I've not seen it, but it definitely sounds like something that I'd like to watch. Which side are you on?

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