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Welcome to the Society of Mildly Annoyed Liberals.

This group is, simply, a group of individuals brought together by three important things-
A) Liberalism. This does not necessarily mean being a "Democrat" or similar party affiliations. If you're a Liberal, Democrat, Centrist, Republican, Conservative, Libertarian, Communist, Socialist, Anarchist, welcome!
This is not a Liberal-Only zone. Founded by them, generally for them, but anyone is allowed to join the party!
B) Annoyance. We're fed up with how things are.
C) The ability to read and type. That's pretty necessary.

Here, we can discuss a wide range of topics. Society, politics, philosophy, psychology, whatever. We can rant and rave, we can propose, we can criticize and bicker.

However, there are rules.
1) Be respectful. Simple. Be tolerant of all walks of life- sexuality, race, gender, age, religion, political background. However, it should be noted that threads discussing these topics are given just the slightest bit of leeway.
Example! A thread entitled "How Do You Feel About Islam?" is fine. If the topic ends up devolving into a discussion about the pros and cons of Islam, that's fine. However, a thread entitled "Muslims are Stupid, Dur-Hur" is against regulations, as it is just pointless hate. Similar monitoring will be given to threads entitled "How Do You Feel About Judaism?", "How Do You Feel About Christianity?", "How Do You Feel About Atheism?", "How Do You Feel About Memes?", or other "How Do You Feel About Controversial Topic?"
2) No shitposting, trolling, or being disruptive. Self-explanatory. Stay on topic. Trolling and shitposting have their place on FiMFiction. Disruptive behavior (IE- consistently getting the group off-topic, always making comments with little-to-no value or relevence, stifling meaningful discussion, etc, etc), however, will not be tolerated.
3) No promoting other groups or users. That is not the purpose of this group.
4) No defying larger site guidelines.
5) Don't be Huey Emmerich

Those are the rules. We don't plan on being too strict about these rules.
Each case of supposed rule breaking will be decided on a case by case basis. It is worth mentioning that the Admins may potentially place any user on a non-physical "probabtion" list. If you're on it, you will not know, nor will you be hindered in any meaningful way. Consider it a warning list for those who exhibit any of the previously-mentioned rule-breaking qualities. That being said, if you are on the list (thus, not knowing), and continue the behavior that got you on it, you can expect your just due.
Of course, punishment is reserved for those who truly deserve it.

A Note on Other Political Ideologies
This group is open to fellows of almost all political ideologies.
Of course, the rules still apply, and you must leave your prejudices at the door. Be open-minded and respectful. You can disagree, but behave like an adult.
Alongside this, there are These Three Conditions regarding any and all opinions.
If said opinion is-
A) Inherently discriminatory on foolish grounds
B) Actively harmful to the innocent
C) Based on misinformation that is the bedrock of the opinion
-it voids all ideas of respect and tolerance.
If the opinion in question is not A, B, or C, it's fine. We will not silence you, we will allow you to discuss and debate and disagree. We will allow you your opinion, so long as it does not come into conflict with A, B, or C. I stress this again, we will not silence you if you have a different opinion. Hate speech, that's a different story.

We admins hope you have a wonderful time!


Gründer und Alten Führer [DEPARTED] - Queen of Fools
Mitbegründer, Alten de facto Führer, und Aufseher -
The Narwhal Assassin
Dritter und Sktueller Führer- Jesse Coffey
Außenminister- RedShirt047
Allgemeine Präsident - SuperPinkBrony12

KEAM, your Swedish darling as always, is positioned as a reporter/commentator on matters involving European affairs. Official position is Die Europäischer Korrespondent
DerpyMuffin7, hailing from North Carolina, is assigned to religiously-focused threads. Official position is Die Religiöser Korrespondent

Banner of the Week
The banner is black to honor victims of the shooting at a mosque in Christchurch, New Zealand.

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415149 I just invited Keam to this group and she accepted the invitation. Notice how I opened up a key position for this Swedish darling. I feel that her political views (evident in her saucy commentaries on Marine Le Pen and President Trump among others) were right at home with those of the group.

415122 Thanks for adding a bit of variety to the group! But please do notify either myself, or the other admins beforehand.
You scared me!

ANNOUNCED: One notable introduction I made in this group is the "Banner of the Week" where I pick out the most perceptive of the various political cartoons I see.

EDIT: Inserted the group motto into the banner, as I will do for all further banners of the week.

NOTICE: Head Admin's title of "Dame Führer is a reference to this thread. We aren't Nazis, don't worry.

But I am now the Overseer of the Snuggle KZs. So, yeah, OBEY OR SNUGGLES :flutterrage:

FINALLY... A group that's just as annoyed about the current state of the world as I am!!!

412858 "Respect" as in "I respect your right to hold your opinion". I didn't word myself properly.


be respectful of all opinions, aside from Nazism.

First, not all opinions should be respected. All people should be respected, and all opinions should be tolerated, but an opinion must earn respect by being well-founded and promoting the Good.

Second, there is no reason to make an exception to that for Nazism. It's just one of many deplorable ideologies.

Welcome to all.
And, please, I state this again, be respectful of everyone's right to their own opinion. Unless, of course, that opinion is-
A) Actively harmful
B) Inherently discriminatory
C) Based on misinformation

Be like Voltaire

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