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Fireteam Equidae

"Heroes don't wear capes. They wear dog tags." ~ Unknown Source

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2246632 :rainbowlaugh:That is a strange coincidence, since I had just subscribed to them not but six days ago. I thought it was really odd that they would randomly start following a small guy like me out of nowhere

Well ain't this a coincidence, sadly I am not them. I suppose I should change my name a bit so people won't get the wrong idea.

Thanks for joining Songs From The Heart!

2245720 Now i recognize you. you're the guys in the helmets, right?

He is certainly underrated so I give him my support. :moustache:

Music is a wonderful thing to support! :yay:

No problem Non-Brony. :moustache:

Cheers for making the first Stellaris coss fic! :pinkiehappy:

I believed it was something from the groups, I can't recall precisely as I followed you late last night,

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