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Since the beginning of history humans have been telling stories of Gods and Men, Magic and Monsters. Fantasy may be the oldest genre in fiction, which MLP: FIM happens to be part of. This group exists to celebrate and discuss this genre; its stories, tropes, origins, and everything else.

1. Always obey the orders of the Administrators, Moderators, and other operators of the group. If you have a complaint appeal against an order from a moderator take it up with the administrator.

2. Try to keep things civil and remain on topic. Stuff straying from the primary topic should be kept to a minimum or moved to private messages or a dedicated thread.

3. This group primarily focuses on Fantasy, Mythology, and so on. Science fantasy such as Star Wars is a bit of a grey area but try to keep it to a minimum unless valid to the discussion. Modern Fantasy such as Shadow Run or RWBY are welcome. Alternate history is not allowed unless it is based on the introduction of magic or fantastical races into our historical time line. Similar rules apply to Fic Recommendations, don't just shove every MLP Fanfic into the Recommendations.

4. When in doubt refer to rule Number 1.

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