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A collection of all Sci-Fi crossovers, be it books, television movies or more. This is the place to go! I haven't seen many crossovers with Sciencie Fiction stories, but I would certainly love for that to change.

We have some basic rules.

First thing is first, follow the site rules. We should not have to tell anyone this, but believe it or not, we have to tell people this. If you are confused as to what the site rules are, then click here.

Other rules are:

Do not get dramatic

You know what this means

Sci-fi only

This is a group for sci-fi discussion and sci-fi crossovers

Do not be rude or mean :(

If you ostracize, bully, or otherwise assault another user, even if they did something to deserve it, you will be punished

Have fun!

This is the absolutely most important rule, stop having fun for one second and you will be banned from the internet

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