How First Contact Between Humans And Equestrian Ponies Would Really Go · 6:28pm November 15th

Two men are looking at a portal. The portal had ponies coming through it.

Man01: Look at that. We got us some aliens coming through a portal thingie.

Man02: Yeah, we do.

Man01: They look like ponies.

Man02: Yeah, they do.

Man01: Look like they're sapient too. Just like us. Except pony shaped.

Man02: I reckon so.

Man01: They're intelligent beings here to make contact with us.

Man02: It sure seems that way.





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Heh =3

If you ever get a chance to look at the rest of my transformation stories, be sure to do so: They are all on my account. ;3


Favorite part? Breaking into song of course. That's so cool!^_^ Yeah. That was really good.

Favorite part though? That's the middle part of my question btw. ^^'

Noice :3


It was great!^_^ I loved it!^_^ Really funny too!^_^

I'm currently writing a 'Wake up as Cadance' fic. I wake up as Cadence in a smelly alley. Go through the whole 'What the heck?', 'What's going on?' 'I'm an Immortal being now!^_^' thing. Then spot a newspaper with the place's name on it. Then I go through the 'Oh... that's where I am...', 'I'm actually... here...', 'May God have mercy on my soul. ... Because this place sure won't.' thing.

I'm in Brockton Bay.

Why thanks for adding Blaze a Trail, aka my Kirin Autumn Blaze TG TF, to your favorites. X3

Might I ask why you liked it so much as well as a favorite part from my transformation into Best Kirin Ever? X3

  • Viewing 330 - 334 of 334
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